How to Make a Photo Black and White on Windows 11

Making a black and white photo is easy, and you don’t need any advanced editing apps. The Stock Photos app has filters to turn a photo into black and white. If you don’t like the Stock Photos app on Windows 11, there are some other free alternatives that we will give you as well. If you are using Windows 11 and need to take a photo in black and white, you can do so using the built-in Photos app. This will save you from looking for third-party online services and programs for downloading, where they can add a watermark for free use.

Photo Black and White on Windows 11

Make the photo black and white on Windows 11

  • Open the photo in the application “Photos.”
  • Click on the “Edit and create” and then “Change”.
  • Select the Filters tab, and on the right, select Vanilla to give a black and white effect.
  • Click save a copy, and the photo will be ready.


It is good to permanently save the edited image as a copy when editing the photo. If you overwrite the original photo, you won’t be able to undo the edit and colouring photos is not as easy as removing colour. Post shots for each of the three apps show a difference in how an image looks when black and white, so you can expect varying results depending on the app you use.

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