Microsoft Basic Video Adapter on Windows 11

In Windows 11 Device Manager, you will find that instead of an Intel, Nvidia, or AMD video driver, there is a “Microsoft basic video adapter”. The question arises of what it is and how to determine which video card is on a laptop or PC to update the graphics driver correctly.

Microsoft Basic Video Adapter is the graphics driver that Windows 11 uses by default if the system cannot find a driver from the video card manufacturer. Here, we will discuss determining what kind of video card is under the Microsoft primary adapter and where to download the required video driver.

Microsoft Basic Video Adapter on Windows 11

Identifying the video card under the Microsoft primary video adapter on Windows 11

1. Double-click Microsoft Basic Video Adapter in Windows 11 Device Manager and go to the Details tab.

2. Choose “Hardware ID” and copy the penultimate or last line PCI \ VEN … DEV … by right-clicking on it.

3. Head to the site and paste the copied ID into the search box. The website will show us the video card manufacturer, allowing us to determine the video card instead of the primary video adapter from Microsoft.

4. Knowing which model of the video card is on the Windows 11 PC or laptop, we go to the following official website of the manufacturer and download the driver:

  • Nvidia
  • AMD
  • Intel

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