Mony Mint, The world’s smallest 4g smartphone

It is impossible not to notice how the dimensions of smartphones are constantly growing. If you want a compact device, you just have to choose the smallest evil in the category that would have been called phablets or tabletophones a few years ago.

Stupid phones keep their size, but nowadays it is difficult to exist with them. Fortunately, there are independent producers and crowdfunding projects. One of them on fit into the role of the smallest smartphone capable of serving LTE networks.

Mony Mint Specifications and Features

  • The phone has a three-inch display and is slightly larger than a credit card
  • Its low price will also please you
  • It’s worse with hardware parameters and the operating system
  • It is now in a crowd funding campaign, it should be ready in November

So let’s start with the dimensions: 89.5 × 45.5 × 11.5 millimeters means space for a three-inch screen, and it’s just a little more than the floor plan of a credit card. The price is no less favorable. The campaign starts at $ 100 and ends at $ 150, after which the device goes on sale. In crowns with Czech VAT, this means 2.5 to 3.7 thousand.

In light of these low numbers, weaker equipment can be forgiven for mobile phones. The quad-core processor accompanies 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, with the option of expanding by another 128 GB using microSD cards. The cameras have 5 and 2 megapixels and the device can handle two SIM cards. The battery capacity of 1,250 mAh may not be as problematic as it sounds, given that the display is only 3 inches and the resolution is 480 × 854 pixels. The only thing that freezes in the specifications is the deployment of Android 9 at a time when the “twelve” should come soon.

Mony Mint will not fulfill the dream of anyone who longs for a well-equipped phone in a really compact package. Its authors themselves recommend it as a secondary device for times where you do not want to take your big, heavy and expensive phone. Whether it’s a sport or an evening trip to the pub, the old button model was usually used for such purposes. However, today it may no longer be enough even for undemanding users.

Mony Mint is expected to go into production and to the first supporters in November this year. The conditionality method is more than appropriate here, because it is true that you do not buy it in the campaign, but you contribute to its development and production. Sometimes the goal is not achieved and practically the rule nowadays is a delay, often very long .

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