How do I open Folder Options in Windows 11?

Folder Options lets you customize the Navigation Panel, Files and Folders, and hide and show hidden directories in Windows 11. It’s very easy to go into the folder options, and here’s how to do it.

Open Windows 11 folder options

Open Windows 11 folder options

1. Via File Explorer

You need to first open “File Explorer”.

Now click on the three dots at the top, and then select “Options”.

2. Via Run Dialog

Press Windows + R keys from the keyboard.

Now the Run dialog box will be opened.

Type the control.exe folders and hit Enter from the keyboard.

That’s it; you have accessed Folder Options.

3. Via Control Panel

Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog.

In the Run box, type Control Panel and press Enter.

In the Control Panel, set “View by” as “Large icons”.

Now click on the “File Explorer Options”.

You will get access to Folder Options.

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