How to Open Windows Tools (Administrative Tools) in Windows 11

In Windows 11, ” Administrative Tools ” has been renamed to ” Windows Tools “, so many users cannot find the Administrative Toolbar. We will analyze in this several manual ways how to open the Windows Tools (Administrative Tools) in windows 11.

Open Windows Tools

1. Via the search menu

Open the start menu and search for ” Windows tools “, then run the application.

2. Via the control panel

Open the ” Control Panel ” by typing in the search menu start, select the top-right display of small icons, and run ” Windows Tools “.

3. Through the conductor

Open Explorer ( Win + E ) and paste the following path into the address bar:

C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Administrative Tools

4. Through execute

Press Win + R and enter to open Windows tools.

5. Via CMD and PowerShell

Launch Terminal and enter the command in Command Prompt or PowerShell:

  • control /name Microsoft.AdministrativeTools

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