How to Pair New Fire Stick Remote Without the Old One

You just got a shiny new Fire TV Stick remote, but oh no – you’ve lost or broken your old remote and can’t seem to pair the new one! Don’t worry; you can pair a new Fire Stick remote with a few different methods without needing the old one. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps for several options so you can get your new remote connected and start streaming again.

Connect Your New Fire TV Stick Remote Without the Old One

Before We Get Started

First things first, let’s go over what you’ll need:

  • Your new, unpaired Fire TV Stick remote
  • The Fire TV streaming device itself
  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet connected to the same WiFi network as your Fire TV device

If your Fire Stick is one of the newer 4K models that use Bluetooth instead of infrared, some of these methods won’t work, and you’ll need to use the mobile app method outlined below. Just something to keep in mind!

Method 1: Use Another Compatible Remote

Luckily, many Fire TV remotes are cross-compatible between different models. So, if you have another Alexa Voice Remote lying around that is already paired to one of your Fire TV devices, you can use it to connect your new remote.

alexa fire tv remote

Here are the steps:

1. Take the already-paired remote and your new remote and go to your Fire TV device
2. Press and hold the Home button on the paired remote for 5 seconds
3. You should see a menu pop up on your TV – scroll down and select “Add/Remove accessories”
4. Select “Add new accessories”
5. Press and hold the Home button on your new remote
6. After about 15 seconds, you should get a notification that a new accessory has been added
7. Once connected, feel free to name your new remote to tell it apart if you wish!

Your new remote should be up and running on your Fire Stick. Pretty simple, right?

Method 2: Use the Fire TV Mobile App

If you don’t have another working remote, the Fire TV app for mobile can also help you connect a new remote. Here are the steps for both iOS and Android devices:

On an iPhone or iPad:

apple fire tv app

1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS device
2. Download or open the Fire TV app
3. Select your Fire TV device
4. Tap on “Remote & Bluetooth Devices”
5. Choose “Add New Remote or Game Controller”
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to press the Home button on your remote – this will pair it to your Fire TV

On an Android device:

android fire tv app

1. Turn Bluetooth on
2. Open the Fire TV app and pick your Fire TV device
3. Click the hamburger menu button and tap “Remotes and Bluetooth devices”
4. Select “Add new remote or controller”
5. Complete the process by pressing the Home button on the remote when prompted

And that’s it! Your new remote should now be connected and functional through the Fire TV’s Bluetooth connection. Pretty slick!

Method 3: Factory Reset Your Fire Stick

If all else fails and you still can’t get your remote paired, doing a factory reset of your Fire TV device will allow you to connect a new remote upon setup. Just be aware that this will wipe out all accounts, apps, and settings – it restores your Fire Stick to an out-of-the-box condition.

fire stick

Here’s how to factory reset:

1. Unplug the power from your Fire TV Stick and plug it back in – do not reconnect to WiFi just yet
2. On your remote, hold down the following buttons all at once: Home + Back + Fast Forward + Play/Pause buttons
3. Keep holding for 15-20 seconds
4. When you see the Fire TV logo appear on-screen, that means the reset worked
5. Complete Guided Setup, including connecting to your WiFi and signing into your Amazon account
6. When you get to the Home screen, go into settings and pair your new remote

This should successfully set up your new remote from scratch. Just be warned you’ll have to re-download apps and log back into any streaming services afterward. But it works!

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Some Extra Tips

Here are a few additional pointers that may help in getting your replacement Fire Stick remote connected:

  • Try putting new batteries in the remote before pairing – this provides the strongest signal
  • Move closer to the Fire TV device and remove any obstacles blocking the signal during pairing
  • If the remote has a headphone jack, make sure there’s nothing plugged into it
  • You can only have one remote actively paired at a time – you’ll need to un-pair old ones first
  • Check if your Fire TV device supports Bluetooth if your remote relies on that instead of infrared

And there you have it – with one of those methods, you should be able to successfully connect your new Fire TV Stick remote without needing the old one at all. No more dealing with lost, sticky buttons or unresponsive remotes! Just pair your replacement and get back to streaming.

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