How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone?

To ensure the safety of photos on iPhone, you should always keep a backup. You can also store it on a PC/Laptop, external hard drive, USB drive, and Cloud. Everyone captures a large number of photos every day that have great emotional value. The loss of photos, in fact, always causes certain distress.

Some common reasons photos are lost from iPhone include Factory reset, failed iOS update, iPhone jailbreak, Accidental deletion, and Camera Roll Crash. However, you do not need to worry as it is possible to recover deleted photos from iPhone using several methods.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

Ways to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

1. Using Recently Deleted Album

When you take a picture with iPhone, it is stored in the internal memory. You can check photos via the default Photos app. The best thing about the Photos app is that you can recover deleted photos via the Recently Deleted Items folder. It should be noted that deleted photos remain in the folder for up to forty days. Thanks to Apple for offering us this feature to recover photos we previously deleted to clear RAM. This process is easier and faster than you think.

  • Firstly, launch the Photos app.
  • Navigate to Albums and click on Recently Deleted in the utility section.
  • Click on the photo you want to undelete and tap on the Recover option
  • Now confirm that you want to recover the photo.

You can also select multiple photos at once to save time during recovery.

2. Using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

If you have no backup copy for the photo Album or permanently deleted photos from iPhone, then you can install Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

  • Download iPhone Data Recovery software.
  • You need to connect iPhone to the computer.
  • Open Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.
  • Choose select to recover method as “Recover from iPhone”.
  • Now select the Camera Roll and Photo Stream option.
  • Click on the Next button, and you will see a Preview of deleted photos.
  • Finally, click on Save by selecting the photos you want to recover from the list.

Using Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is handy software if you cannot restore photos from iCloud/ iTunes or have lost photos after an iOS update and attempted to jailbreak iPhone.

3. From iCloud offer the same backup facility as a Recently Deleted Folder. You can use it to recover photos that have been deleted within the last 40 days.

  • Visit the portal in any web browser.
  • Now sign account if required, and click on Photos.
  • Tap on Albums at the top.
  • Tap on the Recently Deleted album.
  • Select the photos you want to restore.
  • Click on the Recover option.

If photos are also not available in the Recently Deleted folder, you still have an option, i.e. iCloud backup. You may be able to get photos back from iCloud backup. It should be noted if all the other content on phone, such as apps, data, text messages etc., will also restore with an older backup, which you might not want to do. Anyway, follow the below steps to use iCloud to back up iPhone:

  1. You must have a backup copy of iPhone so that you can use the older backup if something goes wrong.
  2. If you have a backup copy, perform a factory reset and restore the phone to an old backup.
  3. Once the restore is complete, check the Photos app to find out if you recovered the lost photos.

4. From an iTunes backup

If you are using iTunes, restoring photos from a backup is simple.

  • Start iTunes on PC/Laptop.
  • You need to connect Apple phone to the computer.
  • Click the iPhone icon from the upper left corner of the iTunes window.
  • Tap on the “Summary tab” in the left panel.
  • Under the Backups section, you need to click “Restore Backup”.
  • Select the files/photos which you want to restore to iPhone.
  • Once the restore is complete, navigate to the Photos app and see if you recovered the photos successfully.

How to Avoid iPhone Photo Loss in Future?

We hope you have restored photos from iPhone using the above methods. To avoid the same mistake happening again, you should keep a few points in mind.

  1. Keep a Backup copy of iPhone

Register iPhone with a cloud service like Apple’s iCloud. It offers several benefits, such as backups to Apple’s cloud service storing photos. Also, you must create a local iPhone backup using iTunes or Finder.

  1. Use Google Photos Services

Another backup service is Google Photos. It can work as a “backup to the backup”. If we delete it from the iPhone, you might also find another copy on Google Photos.

  1. Safeguard iPhone

If you have kids, they wipe out all photos from it. So you should activate either Touch ID or Face ID to lock iPhone.

  1. Don’t Jailbreak iPhone

If you attempt to jailbreak iPhone, it increases the chance of losing photos.


Smartphone offers us the option to easily capture the most memorable moments of our lives. However, storing memories on devices has its consequences such as data loss. Hopefully, you have been able to use the methods mentioned in this guide to recover deleted photos from iPhone. To ensure the safety of photos in future, please back up iPhone on a weekly or monthly basis. Thanks to data recovery software like “Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone” which can recover photos if you don’t have any backup.

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