How to Reinstall Windows 11: Clean Installation

The fastest and easiest way to reinstall Windows 11 on a PC or laptop without losing data or clearing the disk of data is to use the default system reset function.

Reinstalling Windows 11 will help restore the system to factory defaults without having to download the Media Creation Tool and create an installation USB drive, boot into the BIOS, and select boot options.

Reinstall Windows 11

Steps to Reinstall Windows 11

Step 1: Go to Settings > System > Recovery .

Step 2: In the column ” Return the computer to its original state “, click on ” Restart the PC .”

Step 3: Choose to reinstall Windows 11 and keep your personal files or delete them.

Step 4: Select Reinstall Locally as this is faster, but you can choose to download from the cloud , which will download and reinstall the current version of Windows 11.

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