How to Remove Windows 11 Login Password

This guide will discuss how to remove the password when logging into Windows 11 with a Microsoft account and a local one to boot to the desktop faster. You should understand that completely removing the password from your Microsoft account will not work, but you can remove it from the lock screen or create a local account without a password. Let’s look at several ways to disable the password prompt when entering the Windows 11 desktop. In addition, we will solve the problem when there is no Require username, and password entry item and the delete button is not active in the Pin Code.

Remove Login Password on Windows 11

Remove Login Password on Windows 11

To remove the password when logging into the Windows 11 desktop, follow the below steps.

  • Press Win + R keys and type netplwiz.exe.
  • Uncheck the ” Require username and password ” checkbox.
  • Click ” Apply ” and enter your current Microsoft account password if asked.
  • Click OK, and the password request on the lock screen will disappear.

Note: If you have several accounts and you want to disconnect only the password from the local one, then select it with one click and click ” Change password ” below. Leave the fields blank and click OK.

What if the “Require username and password” option is missing?

If there is a Windows Hello pin code on a Microsoft or local account, it must be deleted.

  • Go to Options > Accounts > Sign In Options .
  • Expand the Pin (Windows Hello) box and delete your current password.
  • If the delete button is not available, disable enhanced security for the login below.
  • Restart your PC, and the ” Require username and password ” item will appear.

Switch to Local Account Without Password

If you are using a Microsoft account and cannot remove the password prompt using the above method, the best solution would be to change your account if you do not need the current one.

  • Go to Settings > Your Details > Sign in with a local account instead.
  • Enter your current Microsoft account password.
  • When creating a local account, leave the password fields blank.
  • Click OK and log out.

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