How To Reset A Bosch Refrigerator

Resetting your Bosch refrigerator is a straightforward process that you may need to do periodically to clear error codes, reset the water filter status or give the fridge a fresh start. Most issues with a Bosch refrigerator can be resolved by a simple reset of the appliance back to its factory settings.

How To Reset A Bosch Refrigerator

Resetting a Bosch refrigerator only takes a few minutes. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to properly reset both older and newer models of Bosch fridges.

Reasons to Reset a Bosch Refrigerator

Before learning how to reset your Bosch refrigerator, it helps to understand why you may need to reset it in the first place. Common reasons to reset a Bosch fridge include:

  • Clearing error codes- If your fridge displays an error code, resetting it will often clear it so normal operation can resume.
  • Resetting control panel- Sometimes, buttons on the control panel become unresponsive. A reset restores functionality.
  • Water filter status- After changing the water filter, a reset updates the status to keep filter replacement reminders accurate.
  • Resolve minor issues- Small problems like unusual noises or doors not closing properly can sometimes be fixed by doing a reset.
  • Preparing for major service- Resetting before major repairs or parts replacement often resolves related error codes.
  • Change of ownership- When selling a home, reset a Bosch refrigerator to factory settings for a fresh start for new owners.

Resetting is always worth trying before calling for service on your Bosch fridge. It often saves the cost and hassle of a technician visit for minor issues.

Reset a Bosch Refrigerator

The steps to reset a Bosch refrigerator vary slightly depending on the model and age of your unit. Here’s how to reset both newer digital display models and older dial and button models:

Resetting Newer Bosch Refrigerators

Newer Bosch fridges with digital touchscreen displays are reset through the service menu:

1. Start by powering off the refrigerator- Unplug it or locate the circuit breaker and switch it off. Leave it off for at least 60 seconds before continuing.

2. Access the service menu- Press and hold the SuperFrost and Alarm buttons simultaneously with the fridge still powered down.

3. Power the fridge back on- Hold the two buttons for 5-10 seconds after turning the power back on until the service menu appears.

4. Navigate to the Reset option- Use the arrow buttons to select the Reset option from the service menu.

5. Confirm reset- When prompted “Reset to factory settings?” select Yes. This will initiate the reset.

6. Exit service menu- After completing the reset, use the arrows and OK button to exit the service menu.

The digital display will undergo an initialization sequence to confirm the successful reset. Give the refrigerator 10-15 minutes to restart normally.

Resetting Older Bosch Refrigerators

For older Bosch refrigerators without digital displays, use these steps:

1. Power off and unplug fridge- Switch off power via the circuit breaker, then unplug the unit for at least 60 seconds.

2. Press and hold the Reset button- Open the freezer door and locate the Reset button near the temperature controls. Press and hold for 10-15 seconds.

3. Plug the fridge back in. Reconnect power while still holding the Reset button for 5 seconds more. Release the button.

4. Confirm reset- The temperature displays will blink rapidly to confirm a successful reset. Lights and fans will restart.

5. Set temperature controls- Use the dials to reset the refrigerator and freezer temperature to the desired settings.

The older refrigerator may take 10-20 minutes to return to normal operational temperatures after completing the reset.

What to Expect After Resetting a Bosch Refrigerator

After completing a reset on your Bosch refrigerator, here’s what to expect:

– The refrigerator and freezer will return to their default set temperatures, usually 37°F and 0°F, respectively.

– Any error codes or alerts should clear from the control panel or display.

– All food storage modes like SuperCool or SuperFreeze will turn off.

– If equipped, the icemaker will restart its ice production cycle, which takes around 24 hours.

– Any control panel functionality issues should be restored.

– The water filter status should reset to a new cartridge state.

– Noises, vibrations or cooling issues may be improved.

Your Bosch fridge will usually operate like new after a simple reset. Benefits can persist for weeks or months before another reset is required.

Troubleshooting Common Bosch Refrigerator Reset Issues

While the refrigerator reset process is straightforward, there are a few potential issues to keep in mind:

Reset doesn’t clear error codes- If error codes or alerts persist after a reset, this indicates a larger mechanical or electrical issue that requires professional service.

Fridge temperature too warm after reset- It can take several hours for the fridge to cool down again after a reset. If it stays warm longer than 12 hours, contact Bosch service.

Icemaker not working after reset- The icemaker has a 24-hour restart cycle post-reset. Double-check the water line connections if it still lacks ice production after a day.

Controls become unresponsive again- If control panel issues reappear shortly after a reset, your fridge may need a control board replacement or panel overlay.

Interior lights not working after reset- Lighting should reboot normally after a reset. Non-functioning lights likely indicate an electrical failure needing service.

Outside of these issues, your Bosch refrigerator should resume normal operation following a basic control reset. Contact Bosch support if major problems persist after resetting the appliance.

FAQ About Resetting Bosch Refrigerators

Some frequently asked questions and answers about resetting Bosch refrigerator models:

How often should you reset a Bosch refrigerator?

Only reset a Bosch fridge when troubleshooting a problem, not on a schedule. Frequent resets can actually cause operational issues.

Does resetting a Bosch fridge delete the WiFi connection?

Unfortunately, following any control reset, you’ll have to reconnect the fridge to WiFi. Saved food storage modes will also clear.

Why does the icemaker not work after I reset my Bosch refrigerator?

It’s normal for the icemaker to take up to 24 hours to resume ice production after a reset. This is due to a mandatory restart cycle it must complete.

How do I reset a Bosch freezer separately from the refrigerator?

Bosch units don’t allow independent freezer resets. You must reset the main fridge control panel, which reboots both compartments.

Will a hard reset fix a cooling issue with my Bosch refrigerator?

Possibly, but if temperature regulation issues persist after a reset, it likely indicates a sealed system issue needing professional repair.

Should I unplug my Bosch fridge before or after pressing the reset button?

Always power down and unplug the refrigerator before pressing and holding the reset button. This clears residual power that could disrupt the reset.

Resetting a malfunctioning refrigerator should only be the first troubleshooting step. Contact Bosch support if a fridge reset does not successfully resolve your issues.

Final Recommendations for Resetting Bosch Refrigerators

Here are some final tips when resetting your Bosch refrigerator:

– Reset during periods of low kitchen activity since cooling will be interrupted for about 15 minutes.

– Remove all perishable food items before a planned reset to prevent spoilage.

– Do not open fridge doors during the reboot cycle, or temperatures may rise.

– Double-check all your desired temperature and mode settings after completing a reset.

– If error codes reappear shortly after resetting, contact Bosch service immediately.

– Allow a full 24 hours after resetting for the icemaker to resume normal operation.

Resetting your refrigerator should always be the first step when troubleshooting minor issues with your Bosch fridge. Following this guide will allow you to reset the appliance quickly and have it running like new again. But do contact Bosch support if problems persist after a reset.

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