How to Reset an Amana Refrigerator

Resetting your Amana refrigerator is an easy troubleshooting step to help resolve minor errors and issues. A reset reboots the refrigerator’s computerized control board, restoring normal function and clearing any glitches in the system.

While different Amana models may have slightly varied reset procedures, they follow similar steps of cutting power to the fridge and restarting it to reboot the control board.

How to Reset an Amana Refrigerator

Understanding when and how to reset your particular Amana refrigerator can allow you to get it back up and running again quickly when problems arise, often without needing a costly service call.

When to Reset an Amana Refrigerator

Resetting your Amana fridge is recommended in situations such as:

– The display is frozen or malfunctioning
– Error or fault codes appear
– The lights inside are flickering
– The refrigerator is making abnormal noises
– The unit is running warm, but the compressor is operating
– Frost or ice is building up inside
– The doors are misaligned after being moved

Resetting can also help if your Amana refrigerator is cooling, but the internal temperature does not match the set temperature on the control panel.

Essentially, if your fridge is acting up in minor ways, performing a reset can often realign the electrical components and software to restore proper functioning. The steps cause no harm to the refrigerator.

However, resetting does not fix major mechanical problems like a failed compressor or deteriorating seals. It also does not replace necessary maintenance like cleaning coils or changing filters.

How to Reset Top-Freezer Amana Refrigerators

Top-freezer models with the freezer compartment above the refrigerator section are common. Follow these steps to reset this style of Amana fridge:

1. Unplug the refrigerator- Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. This may require pulling the fridge away from the wall to access the plug.

2. Keep doors closed- Do not open either the refrigerator or freezer doors. Leaving the doors closed allows the interior temperature and pressure levels to stabilize while powered off.

3. Wait 5 minutes- Let the refrigerator sit unpowered for a minimum of 5 minutes. This gives time for any residual electricity to dissipate.

4. Plug the fridge back in- Reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet after 5 minutes have passed.

5. Listen for the compressor- The compressor should automatically turn on within a few minutes. Listen for it humming from the rear of the fridge. This confirms the reset was successful.

6. Give it time to cool- Allow about 4 hours for the interior to return to the set temperature after resetting. Avoid opening the doors unnecessarily during this time.

Following these straightforward steps, reboot the main control board, clear any software glitches and return the fridge to normal operation. The process works for any top-freezer Amana model.

Resetting Bottom-Freezer Amana Refrigerators

Amana refrigerators use a reset button to restart the control panel for bottom-freezer configurations where the fridge compartment is located above the freezer section.

Here are the steps for bottom-freezer models:

1. Locate the reset button- It is found directly on the digital control panel. It may be labelled with text like “Reset Filter”, “Hold 3 Sec”, or a similar indicator letting you know it is the reset button.

2. Press and hold- Push the reset button and hold it down continuously for 3-5 seconds.

3. Check for reset- The temperature settings displayed on the control panel should all blink, and an audible tone will sound when the reset is triggered.

4. Release button- Let go of the reset button once the blinking and tone occur. This confirms the reset is in progress.

5. Wait for return to normal- The control panel will go blank momentarily before returning to its normal display with temperature settings showing.

Once the standard temperature readings reappear, the reset procedure is complete. The fridge will resume cooling and operating as normal.

Resetting Amana Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Amana side-by-side refrigerators with freezer and fridge compartments positioned beside each other generally follow the same reset process as the bottom-freezer models.

Locate the reset button on the control panel, press and hold for 3-5 seconds until tones sound and temperature settings blink, then release. The display will reset itself.

Some Amana side-by-side models may have the reset button behind the control panel instead of directly on it. If you don’t see an obvious reset button up front, check behind the panel cover for access to the reset feature.

Resetting Amana French Door Refrigerators

French door fridges with dual fridge doors on top and a single bottom freezer drawer have a slightly more complex reset method:

1. Enter settings mode- Tap the upper right button on the control panel to enter the refrigerator’s settings mode.

2. Navigate to factory reset- Press the upper left button repeatedly, cycling through the settings options until you highlight the “Return to Factory Settings” choice.

3. Confirm reset- With this option selected, press the upper right button again to confirm you want to reset.

4. Restart fridge- Press the upper right button again when prompted to confirm reset. This will restart the refrigerator.

5. Resume normal operation- After a few minutes, the fridge will power back on with factory default settings. You may need to reprogram your desired temperature settings.

While the steps take a little longer on French door units, following this reset sequence, the main control board effectively reboots to refresh the fridge’s operation.

Quick Tips for Resetting Amana Refrigerators

Keep these tips in mind when resetting your Amana refrigerator:

– Give the fridge about 5-10 minutes after a reset before opening doors to allow pressure inside to stabilize.

– If error codes or problems continue after resetting, unplug the fridge again and check all wiring connections before plugging back in.

– Unplugging for 5+ minutes will accomplish the same control board reboot for any model without an obvious reset button.

– If resetting the fridge does not resolve the issues, contact Amana customer service or schedule a technician visit.

– Do not attempt to reset the fridge multiple times quickly; let it fully reboot between reset attempts.

– Resetting the refrigerator will not delete your programmed temperature settings. It only refreshes the electrical system.

– Check that food has not spoiled if the fridge was warm for an extended period before resetting.

– Reset the refrigerator before calling for service to avoid potential fees for minor errors potentially.

Following the right reset steps matched to your particular style of Amana refrigerator can save you from lost food and costly repairs when uncommon glitches arise.

Detailed Troubleshooting by Amana Refrigerator Model

The general resetting guidelines apply to all modern Amana refrigerator models. However, here are some tailored troubleshooting tips for specific units:

Amana Top-Freezer Refrigerators


– Reset button is behind the upper control panel
– If not cooling, check the condenser fan motor


– Has adaptive defrost to prevent excess frost
– Causes of cooling issues include failed damper or thermistor


– Large capacity older model
– Reset by unplugging fridge for 5+ minutes


– Simple manual defrost design
– Reset button is located on the front control panel


– Reset button labelled “Hold 3 Sec”
– Ensure the freezer door closes fully after resetting

Amana Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators


– Press and hold the “Control Lock” button to reset
– Has in-door ice maker; check supply line if not dispensing ice


– Reset by holding the “Water Filter” button
– If icing up, ensure air vents at the rear bottom are unobstructed


– Touchscreen model, reset in the settings menu
– Causes of warm fridge include dirty condenser coils


– Quick Space shelf allows adjustable configurations
– When resetting, wait 10 full minutes before reconnecting power


– Simple interface with rotary temperature dials
– Reset button labelled “Hold 3 Sec” on the main panel

Amana Side-by-Side Refrigerators


– Check that the condenser fan runs after resetting
– Has in-door water dispenser; change filter if the flow is slow


– If the freezer is cold, but the fridge is warm, check the damper control


– Has stainless steel exterior; keep clean for maximum cooling
– Push the “Air Filter Reset” button to reset the control


– No water dispenser; ice maker in freezer
– Unplug the fridge for a full reset if there is no button on the panel


– Hold in “Light/Filter” button to reset
– Adjust levelling feet if doors don’t close properly

Amana French-Door Refrigerators


– Access panel in the left fridge door for the reset button
– When storing food, allow good airflow at the rear


– If leaking, check refrigerator door seals
– Has bottom freezer drawer on ball bearing glides


– Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel
– Reset through the control panel settings menu


– Filtered ice maker located inside the right door
– Ensure all food is refrigerated below 40°F to prevent spoilage


– Simple LCD display panel
– Reset returns control panel to factory defaults

Troubleshooting Common Amana Refrigerator Problems

Beyond just resetting your Amana refrigerator, it helps to understand what’s causing issues in the first place. Here are some frequent problems and potential solutions:

Warm interior temperatures:

– Dirty condenser coils blocking airflow – Clean coils
– Failed compressor not pumping refrigerant
– Door seal leaks – replace worn gaskets
– Clogged condenser fan blade

Excess moisture buildup inside:

– Defrost drain hole is clogged – clear debris
– Doors being left open too frequently
– High ambient humidity levels

Refrigerator freezing up:

– Defective automatic defrost component
– Too much food blocking air vents
– Thermistor malfunction

Unusual noises:

– Parts of coil touching cabinet – adjust position
– Tubing vibration – affix anti-vibration clamp
– Strain on the compressor from unstable cabinet – adjust levelling legs

Electrical issues:

– Power cord loose or damaged – inspect connections
– Failed control board – test and replace if needed
– Compressor starting device faulty

Ice maker not working:

– Supply line obstructed – check for kinks
– Freezer too warm – adjust temperature
– Failed ice mould thermostat or heater

When to Call an Appliance Repair Technician

While resetting and basic troubleshooting can resolve many common Amana refrigerator problems, it’s wise to call in a professional appliance repair technician if you encounter:

– Repeated error codes or faults after resetting
– Warm interior despite running compressor
– Strange electrical smells or burning sounds
– Frozen food or pools of water inside the fridge
– Severe ice buildup in the freezer compartment
– Physical damage like dents or cracked door liners
– Fridge tilting, difficult to open doors
– No power at all to the unit

A certified appliance repair tech can diagnose issues through advanced testing techniques and use specialized tools to make repairs you can’t perform yourself. Investing in professional service prevents further damage and unsafe conditions when refrigerators malfunction.

Maintaining Your Amana Refrigerator

Preventative care and maintenance help minimize many problems that would otherwise necessitate resetting your Amana fridge. Be diligent about:

– Replacing air filters every 6 months
– Cleaning condenser coils every 12 months
– Wiping door gaskets with mild cleaner every 3 months
– Vacuuming dust and debris from vents once a year
– Checking temperature settings still match needs
– Listening for any vibrating or rubbing noises
– Keeping doors closed as much as possible

Also, only use replacement water filters approved for your Amana model to maintain optimal performance.

With routine care and attention, you can get the most reliable service from your Amana refrigerator. But when troubles do pop up, resetting the fridge is an easy first step you can take to get it running right again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can resetting break my Amana refrigerator?

No, when done properly according to the steps for your model, resetting an Amana fridge will not cause any damage or harm to the appliance. It simply reboots the control board to restore normal operation.

How many times can I reset my refrigerator?

There is no specific limit to how many times you can safely reset an Amana refrigerator. However, if you find you need to reset frequently, it likely indicates an underlying problem needing service.

Why does my fridge keep showing error codes after resetting?

If error codes or problems persist after resetting, it signifies there is a larger electrical or mechanical issue beyond just a minor control board glitch. Frequent errors after resetting mean a service call should be scheduled.

How long should I wait before plugging the fridge back in after resetting?

It’s recommended to wait a full 5 minutes at minimum to allow residual power to dissipate before powering the fridge back on after a reset. For some models, waiting 10 minutes is advisable for a more complete reboot.

Do I need to reset my refrigerator after a power outage?

It’s not strictly required, but resetting an Amana fridge after a power outage can help clear any errors that may have resulted and ensure proper functioning. If the fridge seems to be running normally, a reset is optional.

Will resetting delete my programmed temperature settings?

The programmed temperature setpoints will not be deleted when resetting an Amana refrigerator. The process reboots the control board and system, not erasing user settings. However, you may need to reprogram settings on some models.

Can I reset just half of my Amana fridge?

Unfortunately, no; resetting an Amana refrigerator reboots the entire appliance. You cannot reset just the freezer or refrigerator compartment separately.

Watch the video below on Amana Brand YouTube channel if the Amana Refrigerator Won’t Turn On.

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