How to Reset a LG Refrigerator

Has your LG refrigerator been acting up lately? Resetting can realign your fridge and get it cooling properly again. An LG refrigerator reset restores factory settings and reboots the operating system to fix many common issues. It only takes a few minutes and can prevent having to call for costly repairs.

How to Reset a LG Refrigerator

Read on to learn when and how to master resetting any LG smart refrigerator quickly yourself easily. You’ll return your appliance to chilling food at optimum temperatures with a button push.

When to Reset Your LG Refrigerator

Try resetting your LG fridge if you are experiencing the following:

– Display or control panel malfunction
– Error code alerts appearing
– Ice maker not working
– Temperature fluctuations
– Unusual noises
– Condensation buildup
– Cooling problems

Resetting often resolves these minor operation issues and gets settings back to factory standards. However, refrain from resetting multiple times in a row. And never reset a refrigerator with standing water leaks or serious mechanical failure present.

Before Resetting Your LG

Prior to initiating an LG refrigerator reset, always:

– Remove all food from the fridge and freezer
– Make sure the appliance is plugged in
– Locate your refrigerator’s model and serial number
– Disconnect water lines to ice/water dispensers
– Give the reset a full 24 hours to take effect before reassessing

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting an LG Refrigerator

1. Locate the Reset Button

Most LG fridges have a reset button located behind the control panel or hidden by the user interface. Check your specific manual for details.

Press and hold this button for 5-7 seconds to initiate a factory reset. If there is no button, try holding the freezer and fridge temp buttons simultaneously instead.

2. Press and Hold Reset

Once located, press and firmly hold the reset button down continuously for at least 5 seconds.

Keep holding even after the initial beep and release only once the lights shut off and restart. You’ll hear a confirmation tone indicating a successful reset.

3. Enter the Model Number

After resetting, the refrigerator will prompt you to enter the model number listed on your sticker to reconfigure settings.

Slowly enter using the control panel, double-checking for accuracy.

4. Adjust Temperature Settings

With the model number entered, use the display to set your desired fridge temp around 37°F and freezer temp at 0°F.

Allow temperatures to stabilize for 24 hours before making any adjustments.

5. Retry Resetting

If issues continue after the first reset, wait one minute, then hold the reset button again for up to 2 more tries.

Too many consecutive resets can disrupt the system. Contact LG if still not working after 3 resets.

When to Call for Service Instead

While resetting an LG refrigerator is useful for many problems, it is NOT a fix for:

– Standing water or leakage
– Foul odours
– Persistent heavy frost buildup
– Condensation collecting inside
– Appliance completely unresponsive

In these cases, refrain from resetting and unplugging the unit. Have a trained appliance repair technician inspect and diagnose the issue. Resetting will likely not resolve and could even worsen these serious faults.

Troubleshooting Common Reset Issues

– Touchpad not responding after reset – After 2 failed reset attempts, hold buttons 20+ seconds to override touchpad malfunction.

– Temperature unstable after resetting – Give the refrigerator 24 hours to stabilize temperatures after a reset before making adjustments.

– appliance keeps error coding after reset – This points to a specific faulty part needing replacement. Note the code and contact LG support.

– Fridge lights but does not cool after resetting – There is likely a compressor problem requiring professional service, not just a reset.

FAQs About Resetting an LG Refrigerator

1. How long does it take to reset an LG refrigerator?

The reset itself takes only 5-10 seconds. Allow a full 24 hours for temperatures to restabilize.

2. Will resetting erase my preprogrammed settings?

Yes, resetting reverts all custom temps, modes, etc., back to factory default settings.

3. Does resetting affect water/ice dispensers?

The dispensers will not operate properly during the reset process. Disconnect water lines beforehand.

4. How many times can you safely reset an LG fridge?

Limit reset attempts to no more than 2-3 times consecutively. Too many resets can damage the system.

5. Should I unplug my LG before resetting it?

There is no need to unplug the refrigerator prior to resetting it. The reset process is designed to work with the appliance powered on.

6. My LG fridge trips the circuit after resetting – what should I do?

If the refrigerator trips your home’s electrical circuit right after a reset, unplug it and contact LG support to diagnose the issue. Don’t continue resetting.

Resetting an LG refrigerator is an easy and effective way to troubleshoot various minor operation issues you may encounter. Locate the reset button, press and hold for 5 seconds until the lights restart, enter the model number when prompted, and reprogram temperature settings. Within a few minutes, you can have your smart fridge back in working order without waiting for repairs. Just be aware that persistent problems require a certified technician’s expertise. With this simple process, try realigning your LG refrigerator yourself before calling for costly service.


Here are some frequently asked questions about resetting LG refrigerators:

1. Why does my LG refrigerator need to be reset?

Common reasons to reset an LG fridge include display panel issues, error codes appearing, condenser problems, temperature fluctuations, ice maker malfunction, unusual noises, and other glitches. Resetting often resolves minor operation problems.

2. How do I reset my LG refrigerator?

Locate the reset button near the control panel and hold it down continuously for 5-7 seconds until the lights shut off and restart. You may need to enter your model number next.

3. Where is the reset button on an LG refrigerator?

The reset button is typically below the display panel or behind the user interface. Check your owner’s manual for the exact location, as it varies by model.

4. What will resetting an LG refrigerator do?

Resetting will restore factory default settings, clear any error codes, and reboot the operating system. All custom temps and modes will be erased and need reprogramming.

5. Should I unplug my LG fridge before resetting it?

There is no need to unplug the refrigerator prior to a reset. The reset process is designed to work with the appliance turned on and powered.

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