How to Reset a Norcold Refrigerator

Is your Norcold refrigerator showing error codes or running warm? Resetting the appliance can realign components and get it back to optimal cooling. Norcold fridges in RVs, campers and boats use specialized absorption technology different from home models. But the reset process follows similar steps to restore factory settings.
How to Reset a Norcold Refrigerator
Read on to learn when and how to master resetting any Norcold refrigerator quickly yourself easily. With just a push of a button, you’ll have your fridge back to chilling drinks and food properly.

When to Reset Your Norcold Refrigerator

Try resetting your Norcold if it’s:
– Displaying error codes
– Not cooling correctly
– Frosting up excessively
– Noisy during operation
– Developing strange smells
– Having refrigerator door issues
– Showing AC/LP gas faults
Resetting can recalibrate the control board and clear up these types of operational faults. However, refrain from resetting multiple times in a row. And never reset a refrigerator with confirmed coolant leaks.

Before Resetting Your Norcold

Before initiating a Norcold reset:
– Remove all food from the fridge and freezer
– Have the model and serial number handy
– Make sure the AC/LP gas supply is connected
– Disable any battery disconnect switches
– Give the reset full 24 hours to take effect

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting a Norcold Fridge

1. Locate Control Board Reset Button 
In most Norcold models, a reset button is located behind the user interface panel. This is sometimes labelled and may be red or blue. Consult your manual for the exact location.
2. Press and Hold Reset
Press and firmly hold the reset button for a full 5-7 seconds. Continue holding even after the first click until the lights flash off and on again. This double click indicates a successful reset.
3. Confirm Reset With Error Code
A repeating error confirmation code will display on the panel after properly resetting the Norcold refrigerator. This code change indicates components are recalibrating.
4. Adjust the Thermostat 
Once the error code stops flashing, the reset is complete. You can now use the control panel to reset the thermostat to your desired cooling temperature between 1-5, with 3-4 optimal for most RV uses.
5. Retry Resetting 
If issues persist after the first reset attempt, wait 60 seconds, then repeat steps 1-4 up to 2 more times. Too many consecutive resets can disrupt the system.
Still not working after 3 resets? Contact Norcold or your dealer for diagnostic service.

When to Call for Service Instead

While useful for many problems, resetting is NOT recommended:
– If confirmed coolant leakage is present
– For ice buildup behind a back wall panel
– When the refrigerator is totally non-responsive
– For propane gas ignition faults
– If the fridge emits a burning smell
In these cases, immediately turn off the refrigerator and call Norcold service. Resetting further could worsen these serious issues and complicate repairs.

Troubleshooting Common Reset Problems

– Lights on but not cooling – Compressor may be faulty after reset. Give it a full 24 hours; if it is still not cooling, call for Norcold service.
– Control panel stays blank after reset – Main control board likely needs replacement if it won’t turn on after reset attempts.
– Error returns immediately after resetting – Points to a component failure requiring technician diagnosis. Note the code when it reappears.
– Refrigerator resets itself randomly – Possible short is triggering continuous resets. Have the wiring and cooling unit inspected.

Resetting a Norcold Refrigerator FAQs

1. How long does the reset process take?

The reset itself only takes 5-7 seconds. Allow a full 24 hours after to stabilize cooling.

2. Will resetting erase my temperature settings?
Yes, resetting reverts the thermostat back to the default position to be reprogrammed.
3. Should I have the Norcold dealer reset instead?
No, the reset process is intended for owners to perform themselves as needed. But contact the dealer for other repairs.
4. How many times can I safely reset my Norcold? 
Limit to no more than 3 resets consecutively, allowing the refrigerator to fully power cycle between attempts.
5. Is it safe to reset while propane is on?
Yes, you do not need to shut off propane tanks before resetting as long as there are no leaks.
6. My Norcold trips the GFCI outlet after resetting – now what?
If it trips the circuit after resetting, a short is likely present. Turn off the refrigerator and call for Norcold diagnostic service immediately. Do not continue resetting.
Resetting a Norcold refrigerator is an easy DIY method to recalibrate components and fix many minor cooling issues. Simply locate the reset button, press hold for 5 seconds until confirmation, and then reprogram temperature settings. Within a few minutes, you can have your absorption fridge back to optimally chilling food and beverages. Just be aware that persistent problems require Norcold dealer expertise. But try this simple reset process yourself first before calling for repairs.
Here are some common questions about resetting Norcold refrigerators:
1. Why does my Norcold RV refrigerator need to be reset?
Some reasons to reset a Norcold fridge include cooling issues, error codes appearing, control panel malfunction, frost buildup problems, door issues, strange noises, gas ignition faults, and other operational glitches. Resetting can recalibrate components to resolve many minor faults.
2. How do I reset my Norcold refrigerator?
Locate the reset button behind the interior control panel. Press and hold this button continuously for 5-7 seconds until the lights blink off and on again. This double-click signals a successful reset.
3. Where is the reset button inside my Norcold refrigerator?
The reset button is typically located just behind the main control board or user interface panel. Check your owner’s manual for the exact positioning, as it varies slightly by model.
4. What will resetting my Norcold refrigerator do?
Resetting will restore factory default settings, clear error codes, and recalibrate interior components. The thermostat will revert to the default setting and need temperature reprogramming.
5. Is it safe to reset a Norcold while camping?
Yes, it is safe to reset the refrigerator while powered by propane or shore power in a camper or RV, as long as there are no gas leaks or other hazardous issues present.

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