How to Reset the Filter Light on Your Samsung Refrigerator

If the filter indicator light is illuminated on your Samsung refrigerator, it’s time to replace the water filter. This light is designed to come on every 6 months as a reminder to change the filter for optimum water quality and ice production. Once you swap in a new filter, you’ll need to reset the filter light on the control panel manually. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset the filter status light on various Samsung refrigerator models.

Reset the Filter Light on Your Samsung Refrigerator

Locating the Filter Reset Button

The first step is locating the appropriate filter reset button or mode on your particular Samsung refrigerator model. On newer Samsung fridges, you’ll find a dedicated Filter Reset or Filter Status button right on the main control panel. This is usually located at the top centre of the ice and water dispenser panel.

On some models, the filter reset is hidden behind an access panel below the water dispenser that you flip down to access the buttons. If no filter reset button is visible, consult your owner’s manual to determine the proper reset procedure for your model. Sometimes, you may need to press a combination of buttons like Fridge and Power simultaneously.

Resetting the Filter Status Light

Once you locate the filter reset control, the reset process takes just seconds to complete:

1. Press the Filter Reset button and hold for 3 seconds until you hear a beep.

2. The new filter indicator light will turn red temporarily, then change back to green once the reset is complete.

3. The filter icon will update to show that the filter life has been reset.

4. The display will show the “100%” indicator for the new filter.

5. You may need to press Confirm or Close to clear the filter reset screen.

The light may flash red for a few moments while it resets. The Samsung filter reset succeeded as long as it switched back to steady green. The filter timer is now set back to zero and will track the next 6 months of usage until the light illuminates red again.

Resetting Filter Indicator on Other Models

For earlier Samsung refrigerators without dedicated filter buttons, use these steps:

  • With Display Panel:

1. Press the Fridge and Power buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
2. The filter icon will flash and update to show 100% reset.

  • Without Display Panel:

1. Remove any food from the fridge and freezer sections.
2. Unplug the fridge and leave it unpowered for over 10 minutes.
3. Plug the fridge back in and wait 24 hours. The light should reset.

In all cases, give the refrigerator a few minutes after resetting to allow the system to update the status. The light may remain red temporarily before switching to green. As long as it’s green, the Samsung filter reset operation succeeded.

Reset Filter Light After Power Outage

A power outage can also set off the Samsung filter indicator light before the 6 months is up. That’s because the fridge memory clears when unplugged or after extended power loss. Use the filter reset button procedure above to reset the light after power is restored.

The filter icon may flash 100% for a day or two while the system recalibrates and tracks new usage. Just verify it turns solid green again once reset. The filter replacement timer will resume where it left off after the outage.

Why Reset Filter Light After Replacing Filter?

It’s important to remember to reset the filter status light every time you replace the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator. Here’s why:

– It resets the timer so the light knows to come back on in 6 months, not immediately.

– It clears any error codes related to expired filters or water flow issues.

– The control panel can properly track filter usage and notify you when to change it.

– It ensures any filter-related alarms stop going off.

– New filter optimization modes can run properly after installation.

So don’t forget this critical step after swapping in a new water filter cartridge. Take an extra minute or two to press that Filter Reset button as the final step to complete the process.

Where to Find Replacement Samsung Water Filters

Samsung refrigerators use a specialized water filter that you have to replace with an official Samsung brand filter. Generic or off-brand filters may not properly fit your fridge model. Here’s where to buy replacement Samsung fridge filters:

– Any Samsung parts dealer or authorized retailer such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

– Directly from the Samsung parts website or via phone order.

– Select online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, WebstaurantStore, etc.

Double-check that the part number matches your Samsung refrigerator model when purchasing. Prices range from $30-$60 for most Samsung water filters. Avoid counterfeit filters sold online that may leak or crack under pressure.

Samsung Refrigerator Filter Replacement Cartridges

Here are the most common filter models used in Samsung fridges:

– HAF-CIN/EXP – For newer French door and side-by-side models
– DA29-00003G – For older and some newer models
– DA29-00003B – For use in select bottom freezer models
– DA29-00020B – For the latest models with filtration indicator light

Consult your owner’s manual for the replacement part number and compare it to the original filter. Only use OEM Samsung water filters to guarantee compatibility and performance.

When to Change Samsung Fridge Filter

Besides the indicator light, here are signs it’s time to replace your Samsung refrigerator’s water filter:

– Decreased water flow from the dispenser
– Drop in ice production from the maker
– Musty taste/odour from dispensed water
– Filter has been used for 6 months or longer
– Error code or warning light about expired filter

Ideally, mark your calendar and change the fridge filter every 6 months. For households with high usage or poor water quality, consider replacing it every 3-4 months for maximum contaminant reduction.

Changing Samsung Water Filter Steps

1. Locate the existing filter, typically at the top left rear corner of the fridge ceiling.

2. Rotate the filter counter-clockwise to release it from the housing. Pull down to remove.

3. Take a new filter and remove it from the packaging.

4. Align the new filter end with the housing and push it up to lock it into place.

5. Turn clockwise to engage the filter. You’ll feel it click.

6. Run the water dispenser for 2-3 minutes to purge air and confirm proper water flow.

7. Press and hold the reset filter button for 3 seconds until the light changes from red to green.

8. Confirm filter icon resets to 100% and the light is now green. You’re all set!

Proper Samsung fridge filter installation is important to avoid leaks or malfunctions. Be sure to engage the new filter all the way into the housing so the internal valve can close and seal properly. Following filter priming, don’t forget the important final step of resetting the status light on the control panel.

FAQs about Resetting Samsung Fridge Filters

Here are answers to some common questions about resetting water filters for Samsung refrigerators:

1. Why does my new Samsung fridge filter light stay red?

If the light remains red after a replacement, the status reset fails. Try holding the reset button for 5+ seconds until it beeps. Unplug the fridge power, wait 10 minutes, then plug it back in and give it 24 hours to reset.

2. Do I need a Samsung app to reset the filter light?

No, a smartphone app is not required to reset Samsung filter indicators. The reset button is built into the refrigerator control panel. Some models allow app access, but the manual buttons work the same.

3. Can I reset the filter light without replacing the filter?

It’s not recommended to reset the status light without changing the filter. This will make the fridge think you have a new filter when you don’t. Just replace the expired filter first, then reset it.

4. Why does my filter light come on early?

If the light comes on the way before the 6 month period, it’s likely a faulty filter indicator. First, try a manual reset using the procedure above. If the issue persists, contact Samsung support about a defective control panel.

5. Does the water dispenser use a filter?

Yes, water dispensed through the fridge door first passes through the water filter to remove contaminants, chlorine taste, odours, and particulates. So replace it promptly when the light comes on for clean water.

After swapping in a new water filter, resetting the filter indicator light is crucial for Samsung refrigerator models. Following the quick reset steps outlined for your model ensures your fridge filter system functions properly. Just be careful when purchasing replacement filters to get the exact right part number. With a few simple steps, you’ll keep that new filter light glowing green for the next 6 months.

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