How to Reset a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Resetting your Whirlpool refrigerator can help resolve various issues and get your appliance working properly again. A reset restores the refrigerator to its factory settings, clearing any glitches or errors that may have built up over time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a reset on your Whirlpool refrigerator.

How to Reset a Whirlpool Refrigerator

When to Reset Your Whirlpool Refrigerator

There are a few instances when resetting your Whirlpool refrigerator may be necessary:

– If your refrigerator is not cooling properly or maintaining the right temperature. A reset can help calibrate the temperature controls.

– If your ice maker is not producing ice or dispensing ice properly. Resetting can sync the ice maker.

– If the display panel is malfunctioning, freezing, or showing error codes. A reset can clear any software glitches.

– If the refrigerator is making odd noises or sounding louder than usual. A reset can recalibrate components like the compressor.

– If you are experiencing other strange behaviour like unusually high electricity bills. A reset can restore proper functioning.

Resetting is a handy first step before calling for service on your Whirlpool refrigerator. It often resolves minor technical glitches quicker and cheaper than a repair visit.

How to Reset a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Resetting a Whirlpool refrigerator is simple. There are just a few steps involved:

1. Remove Food and Accessories

Before resetting, make sure to remove all food from the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This will prevent spoilage if the power is interrupted for an extended period.

Also, remove any accessories like shelves, drawers and bins. This allows full access to the rear panel where the reset button is located.

2. Locate the Reset Button

Whirlpool refrigerators have a reset button located behind the refrigerator cabinet on the rear panel. It is near the bottom left corner when facing the back of the unit.

Look for a small circular button labelled with the reset symbol. It may be recessed into a hole to prevent accidental resets.

3. Press and Hold the Reset Button

Press and hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds to initiate the reset sequence. You’ll likely hear a click when the reset engages.

Keep holding the button down until the refrigerator powers down completely. The interior lights will go off, and the temperature displays will be blank.

4. Wait 30 Seconds

With the button still depressed, continue holding it for 30 seconds more. This gives time for the reset to cycle through the refrigerator’s components fully.

5. Release and Restart

After waiting 30 seconds, release the reset button. The refrigerator will restart on its own. The display panel should light up again, and the interior lights return.

The temperature controls will return to the factory default setting of 38°F for the refrigerator and 0°F for the freezer.

6. Reload Food and Accessories

Once the refrigerator powers back on, wait about 10 minutes before reloading any food or accessories. This allows time for the interior to cool back down. Then you can replace bins, drawers, shelves and food items.

7. Reconfigure Settings as Needed

Check that the refrigerator is cooling properly. If necessary, adjust the temperature controls back to your desired settings.

The default setting is often colder than needed, so you may want to increase the temperature, especially for the freezer. Reset any specialized settings like the water filter replacement reminder as needed.

Reset Tips

Here are some additional pointers for resetting your Whirlpool refrigerator:

– Reset when the refrigerator has been unplugged for an extended time to recalibrate ice makers and other features.

– Try resetting if minor problems persist even after troubleshooting other issues first. Resetting is easy and could save you from a repair call.

– Allow 24 hours after resetting the refrigerator to stabilize temperatures and resume normal operation before calling for service.

– Your refrigerator model may have slightly different reset button locations. Check the owner’s manual if you have trouble finding it.

– Don’t hold the reset button for longer than 30 seconds once the refrigerator powers down. This could overload the appliance during restart.

Resetting your Whirlpool refrigerator reboots the computerized control board, which operates all the electrical components. It often resolves malfunctions and errors, so try it before arranging costly repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resetting a Whirlpool Refrigerator

1. Does resetting delete all my settings?

Resetting will delete custom temperature settings, alarm times, and other programmable preferences. The refrigerator will revert to the default factory settings.

2. Will I lose my WiFi connection after resetting?

If your refrigerator has connected features, resetting will require re-connecting the appliance to your home WiFi. You’ll need to re-download any associated apps as well.

3. How can I back up my refrigerator settings before resetting?

Unfortunately, you cannot backup settings before resetting a Whirlpool refrigerator. Try taking a photo of your temperature readouts before resetting as a record.

4. What settings should I check after resetting?

After a reset, make sure to reprogram any custom temperature settings, water filter timers, holiday modes, and smart home connections needed for your refrigerator model.

5. Does resetting affect the start of the defrost cycle?

Yes, resetting resets the adaptive defrost cycle to the factory default interval. It will recalibrate itself over the next 6-10 hours of operation.

6. Can resetting break my refrigerator?

No, resetting a Whirlpool refrigerator will not cause any damage or breakage when done properly, according to the steps in this guide. It simply restores factory settings.

7. How long should I wait to plug the refrigerator back in after a reset?

There is no need to unplug the refrigerator for resetting. The reset sequence is designed to power down and restart the refrigerator internally.

8. Why does my fridge make louder noise after resetting?

Increased noise levels after resetting are normal as the compressor and fans recalibrate. The sounds should diminish within 24-48 hours. If not, contact a technician.

9. Does resetting the refrigerator delete error codes?

Yes, part of the reset process clears any error codes or fault messages that may be displayed on the refrigerator interface panel.

In Summary

1. Reset Whirlpool refrigerators experiencing performance issues like inconsistent temperatures, ice maker failures, strange noises or error codes flashing.

2. hold the reset button inside the right rear panel for 3-5 seconds until the refrigerator shuts down.

3. Hold the reset button for 30 more seconds as it cycles through the reset process.

4. Remove food/accessories before reset. Reload 10 minutes after the restart.

5. Allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to adjust before calling for service—program new settings as needed.

Resetting your Whirlpool refrigerator is an easy do-it-yourself fix for many common problems. Follow the steps in this guide to get your refrigerator running like new again.

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