Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights Troubleshooting

When your Samsung air conditioner starts blinking its indicator lights, it’s trying to tell you something is wrong. The color and pattern of the blinking lights point to different issues that need to be addressed. Here’s an in-depth look at what the various blinking light patterns mean and how to troubleshoot them:

Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights Troubleshooting


Causes and Fixes of Samsung AC Blinking Lights

1. Red Blinking Light

A blinking red light typically indicates one of three issues:

  • Outdoor Unit Not Running – If the outdoor unit components, like the compressor, condenser, or fan, are not running, the AC will blink red. Inspect the outdoor unit and see if anything is obstructed or broken.
  • Dirty Air Filter – A clogged air filter restricts airflow and makes the AC work harder. This triggers the red blinking light. Turn off the AC, remove the filter, and wash it or replace it if very dirty.
  • Electrical Fault – If a circuit breaker has tripped or there is a loose connection, the AC may blink red. Check the electrical panel and all connections to the outdoor unit. Reset breakers and tighten any loose wiring.

2. Green Blinking Light

A green blinking light on a Samsung AC usually signals one of these issues:

  • Blocked Outdoor Unit – Debris, leaves, dirt, or other blockages around the outdoor unit can prevent proper airflow. Clear a 2 ft radius around the unit.
  • Refrigerant Leak – Low refrigerant due to a leak makes the AC blink green. Only an HVAC technician can safely add refrigerant. Have them inspect for leaks.
  • Power Surge – The green light may blink if the circuit breaker tripped due to a power surge. Reset the breaker and consider adding a surge protector.

3. Red + Green Blinking Lights

When both red and green lights blink simultaneously, the most likely culprits are:

  • Frozen Coils – The AC coils have frosted over due to low refrigerant. Turn off the AC and call an HVAC pro to inspect the coils and refrigerant level.
  • Clogged Condensate Drain – The condensate drain line that removes moisture is blocked. This can cause leaks and the dual blinking lights. Have a technician clear the drain line.

4. Blue + Red Blinking Lights

If your Samsung air conditioner has a blue light blinking along with a red light, there may be an issue with the indoor fan motor. This could indicate a jammed fan or motor failure. Have an HVAC technician inspect the fan assembly and motor and replace parts as needed.

5. Blue, Red + Green Blinking

Seeing all three indicator lights blinking means there is an EEPROM error. The communication between components has been disrupted. Try resetting the AC by turning it off and unplugging it for several minutes. If that doesn’t work, contact a technician to diagnose where communication is breaking down and replace any faulty parts.

6. Other Blinking Light Patterns

Consult your owner’s manual for other blinking light patterns. For example, a flickering filter light could mean the temperature sensors are faulty. A reservation light blinking alone may signal an indoor temperature sensor problem. Diagnose the issue based on the blinking pattern, then inspect those components.

With Samsung air conditioners, blinking lights provide clues to identifying and resolving problems. Refer to your model’s manual, assess the blinking pattern, and methodically inspect components that could be involved. Address clogged filters, blockages, leaks, electrical issues, and frozen coils to stop the blinking and get back to cooling.

Some Less Common Samsung AC Blinking Light Patterns

While red, green, and dual red/green blinking lights are the most common, Samsung air conditioners may blink in other ways to signal specific errors. Here are some of the other Samsung AC blinking light patterns and their meanings:

  1. Ice Blue Blinking Every 2 Seconds – This blinking light pattern signals that the AC power has been reset or disrupted. It indicates that power cycling has occurred rather than an error code.
  2. Ice Blue Blinking Every 10 Seconds – The AC enters defrost mode to melt frost accumulating on coils in cold weather. The ice blue light blinks in a slow, 10-second interval to indicate that defrost mode is active.
  3. Blue Blinking Light – A blinking blue light indicates a problem with the outdoor unit. Possible causes could include a failed outdoor fan motor, compressor overload, or an issue with the PCB control board.
  4. Blue + Yellow Blinking Lights – This blinking pattern signals an electrical short or open circuit. There is a discontinuity in the electrical control circuitry. A technician will be needed to diagnose the specific component involved.
  5. Flickering Reservation Light – If the light indicating reserved future operation is flickering, it likely means the indoor temperature sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  6. Flickering Filter Light – A flickering filter indicator light signifies the outdoor coil temperature sensor has malfunctioned. The sensor will need to be checked and replaced.
  7. Flickering Lights Together – Various combinations of flickering filter, reservation, and operation lights point to issues with temperature sensors or communication failures between indoor and outdoor units.

Paying attention to the full context of the blinking pattern provides valuable clues to zero in on the source of the problem. Consult Samsung support resources to interpret unique blinking behaviors on your unit.

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General Tips

  • Reset the AC by turning off the breaker for 30+ seconds before restoring power.
  • Ensure the outdoor unit has proper airflow clearance and is kept clean.
  • Have an HVAC technician inspect the installation if you continue to get blinking lights.
  • Replace air filters regularly every 3-6 months for optimal performance.

Some FAQs

Q: Why does my Samsung AC light keep blinking?

A: The blinking light is an error code that signals something is wrong with the AC. Potential causes include a dirty filter, low refrigerant, electrical issues, frozen coil, or airflow obstruction. Analyze the blinking pattern to diagnose the specific problem.

Q: My Samsung AC light is blinking, but the AC is still working. Should I be concerned?

A: A blinking light means an underlying issue should be addressed even if the AC is still functioning. The problem could worsen over time. Diagnose and fix it now before it leads to complete AC failure.

Q: The light on my Samsung AC blinks 7 times and then pauses. What does this mean?

A: Certain blinking patterns correspond to specific error codes. Check your owner’s manual for details on your model. 7 blinks followed by a pause usually signal an issue with the outdoor unit, like a non-functioning outdoor fan motor or compressor overload.

Q: How can I reset my Samsung air conditioner when the light blinks?

A: First, diagnose the cause of the blinking light. Then, try unplugging the AC and waiting 10 minutes before plugging it back in to reset it. This may clear some minor errors. For other issues like refrigerant leaks, call an HVAC technician.

Q: My Samsung AC is flashing different colored lights – red, green, and blue. What should I do?

A: Multi-colored blinking lights on a Samsung AC typically indicate an EEPROM error – a problem with communication between components. Try resetting the AC and check if the issue persists. Otherwise, contact a technician to inspect the electrical system.

Q: The light was blinking on my Samsung AC, but now it won’t turn on. What should I check?

A: When an AC is non-responsive after previously blinking, it likely has developed a more serious failure. Potential causes could be tripped electrical breakers, blown fuses, frozen coils, or compressor issues. An HVAC technician can best diagnose the root problem.

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