Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Super Fast Charging Not Working

Samsung has recently launched its latest flagship smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S23 series (S23, S23+, S23 Ultra), which boasts top-of-the-line features, including the best-in-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SOC and improved cameras with better low-light photography. However, some Samsung Galaxy S23 owners are facing a major issue where they are unable to charge their phones as quickly as advertised.

According to multiple reports via PiunikaWeb, several users have complained about the fast charging option missing on their smartphones. Despite trying with multiple capable chargers and even enabling the ‘super fast charge’ option on their device, some owners claim that their phones are still charging extremely slowly.

One Galaxy S23 owner even attempted to fast charge their phone with an Aukey adapter but to no avail. They were previously able to fast charge their S9 and S21 series smartphones with the same adapter, but the new flagship mobile device failed to work.

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Credit: Samsung

With the problem becoming more widespread, some users are expressing their frustration on various web forums. They have questioned the point of purchasing a new flagship smartphone if it cannot be charged as quickly as advertised.

In response to the issue, Samsung’s customer support reportedly stated that the ‘super fast charge’ option is not enabled by default on the recently shipped S23 Ultra phones. The company also stated that the stock USB-C cable bundled with the box is a 3 amp one, whereas the cable required to achieve the advertised 45-watt ‘Super fast charging 2.0’ is a 5amp cable. Samsung has advised users to make sure their devices are updated to the latest software version to avoid any issues.

  • You can read how to enable the Super Fast charging option on the S23 family from here.

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As the flagship mobile device market becomes increasingly competitive, Samsung has been pushing the limits with the Galaxy S23 series. The company has always been known for its excellent hardware and software integration, and the latest lineup is no exception. However, the issue with fast charging has raised concerns among the company’s loyal customers.

In an age where people rely heavily on their smartphones for work and leisure, fast charging has become a significant feature that many people value. With the fast charging option not working correctly, some Samsung Galaxy S23 owners may be left with a bitter aftertaste.

It is worth noting that not all Samsung Galaxy S23 owners are facing this issue. Many have reported that their devices are charging as quickly as advertised, and they are satisfied with their purchase. However, for those who have been affected, it is a significant problem that needs to be addressed.

One possible solution for Samsung could be to release an over-the-air (OTA) software update that addresses the issue. The update could enable the fast charging option by default, so users would not have to do it manually. Samsung could also ensure that future shipments of the Galaxy S23 series include the 5amp cable needed to achieve the advertised 45-watt ‘Super fast charging 2.0’.

In conclusion, Samsung’s latest flagship mobile device lineup, the Galaxy S23 series, has been received well by many customers. However, the issue with fast charging has left some users unhappy. Samsung needs to address this problem promptly to maintain its reputation for providing high-quality devices. Until then, customers are advised to use the correct cable and charger and ensure their devices are updated to the latest software version to avoid any potential issues.

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