Samsung to Launch a 5G Smartphone Soon: Report

Samsung’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr Park Jin-hyo finally made a statement about Samsung’s plan for 5G devices. He says that a 5G ready device from Samsung is going to hit the market soon. He didn’t say anything about the date or the month but judging by Samsung’s effort for 5G network solutions; it won’t be much longer. Samsung has been making efforts to make the dream of the next-generation network a reality, and this news is not a shocker for most. The fifth generation of mobile connectivity is said to achieve Gigabit browsing speeds on paper, but what it delivers in real life is still unknown. All the carriers, smartphone manufacturers and even chipset manufacturers are working unison, all towards the common goal to deliver 5G network as soon as possible for everybody’s use.

The company even displayed some 5G solutions for networking equipment segment in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. As per some reports, Samsung has also said to provide 5G fixed wireless technology solutions to Verizon, the carrier in the following months. This help from Samsung is to ensure that the 5G network is broadened in some areas of the country and also to see how 5G stands out against the broadband internet. This is a preparation for the real 5G that will follow soon in the upcoming years probably.


SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Besides all this, there was speculation earlier this year tat a Korean smartphone manufacturer company was making efforts to develop 5G modems for mobile devices for use. This just points to Seoul based smartphone company Samsung. Samsung was also believed to be working on a 7nm process node for the 5G modem, and it is now actually confirmed that Samsung was working in partnership with Qualcomm to develop a 5G ready chip for mobile devices.

Now with the next S series Samsung phone to launch next year, probably the s10, it is expected that it will be a 5G ready smartphone out of the box. Now some of this news is just speculations or rumours, so how long it takes Samsung to launch a 5G smartphone remains unknown.

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