Snapdragon 865 vs Exynos 990 vs Apple A13 Bionic Comparison

Snapdragon 865 processor will have ARM’s Cortex-A77 CPU at the heart

Samsung releases its Galaxy S and Note flagship with two different processors based on the region. So, next year, we will also see Qualcomm’s future flagship – the Snadpdragn 865 for the US and Samsung’s recently unveiled flagship – the Exynos 990 for China and the EU on upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 series. At present, only Exynos 990 is announced officially, however, leaked information of upcoming Snadpdragn 865 processor has surfaced online. Here, we will discuss the comparison between Snapdragon 865 vs Exynos 9830 to know about which processor is better. Besides, we will also compare these processors with Apple’s flagship SoC – the A13 Bionic.

Snapdragon 865 vs Exynos 990 vs Apple A13

Snapdragon 865 vs Exynos 990 vs Apple A13 Bionic


The Snapdragon 865 will arrive with the TSMC’s 7nm EUV fabrication whereas Exynos 990 and Apple A13 Bionic have been manufactured using Samsung’s 7nm EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) and TSMC’s 2nd generation 7nm process respectively.


For Snapdragon 865, the CPU will come with single Cortex A77core at 2.84GHz clock speed, three Cortex A77cores at 2.42GHz speed and four Cortex A55 cores at 1.8GHz speed. On the other hand, Exynos 990’s CPU has a combination of dual Exynos M5, dual Cortex A76 and quad Cortex A55 cores. In the case of A13 Bionic SoC, the CPU cores are consist of two Lightning cores @2.66GHz and Thunder cores @1.7GHz.


Snapdragon 865 will use the latest Adreno 650(587MHz) whereas Exynos 990 uses latest ARM’s Mali-G77 MP11 GPU. Apple A13 bionic uses the industry’s custom quad-core GPU which offer improved speed of 20% than its predecessor.


We will see X55 5G modem add-on with Snapdragon 865 that offers download speed up to 7 Gbps over 5G, and 2.5 Gbps over LTE. Exynos 990 has Exynos 5123 modem that comes with download speed up to 7.3Gbps (mmWave), 5.1Gbps (sub-6GHz), or 3Gbps (4G LTE), 8xCA, and upload speed up to 422 Mbps. A13 Bionic is built with Intel XMM7660 modem that gives download speed up to 1.6Gbps, 7xCA, and upload speed up to 225Mbps.

Specifications Comparison Table

SoCSnapdragon 865Exynos 990Apple A13 Bionic
CPU1x 2.84GHz A77
3x 2.42GHz A77
4x 1.8GHz A55
2x Exynos M5
2x Cortex A76
4x Cortex A55
2x Lightning @2.66GHz
4x Thunder @1.7GHz
GPUAdreno 650, 587MHzMali-G77 MP11Apple custom quad-core
ModemX55 (5G)Exynos 5123 (5G)Intel XMM7660
NPUYesYes, dual-core NPUYes, octa-core Neural Engin

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