Sony IMX707 Review: Xiaomi 12 Pro Camera Sensor Samples

IMX707 is the new camera sensor from Sony. It offers better low-light photography. Xiaomi 12 Pro was the first smartphone to use this high-performance sensor. In this article, we will talk about the IMX707 sensor.

Sony IMX707 Specifications

Sony IMX707 sensor’s specifications include 50-megapixel resolution, 1.22μm pixel size, 2.44um fusion large pixels, and 1/1.28-inch sensor size. The new MX707 contact image sensor is a small facelift of last year’s IMX700 sensor, and both pack a near-identical set of specifications. However, slight tweaks have likely been put in place.

imx707 sensor

Here is the list of phones with Sony IMX707

  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Honor Magic V

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Xiaomi 12 Pro’s IMX707 Camera Sensor Review

Xiaomi 12 Pro packs three rear cameras, including a 50MP primary unit with a Sony IMX707 sensor, f/1.9 aperture, and OIS optical stabilization. The light intake has been increased by 49 per cent, so the light sensitivity is also improved. Xiaomi’s Night Algorithm 2.0 helps achieve a total focal length super night scene.

Night Sample Shots

imx707 sample night mode
Night Shot Shared by Lei Jun

Xiaomi’s founder and CEO, Lei Jun, has shared camera sample shots of the Xiaomi 12 Pro night scene capacity. We can see the colour adjustment of the Xiaomi 12 Pro is accurate, restoring the natural night feeling. The excellent light control offers a firm contrast texture between dark and light.

night mode xiaomi 12 pro
Night Sample (Default 12MP f/1.9 ISO-1460) | Credit: Antutu

We can see that colour control is very much in place. Many smartphone night scenes are overexposed to orange, while Xiaomi 12 Pro restored the natural red.

Daytime Sample Photos

day 1
Daytime Sample (Default 12MP f/1.9 ISO-50) | Credit: Antutu
day 2
Daytime Sample (Default 12MP f/1.9 ISO-50) | Credit: Antutu

Sony IMX707 sensor’s overall exposure performance is quite excellent. The backlight environment is still a straightforward restoration of details; the sky is a little bluer, the transition is natural, and the post-processing is very transparent.

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