Sony IMX989 Review: Xiaomi 12S Ultra Camera Sensor Samples

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is available in China. Nevertheless, the interest of global users is excellent, which is, of course, mainly due to the promising camera.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra packs three cameras on the rear. It has 50.3MP IMX989, f/1.9, 8P aspherical lens, and octa-PD auto-focus primary camera. So all the attention is on the main camera because of Sony’s new IMX989 1-inch sensor.

What is Sony IMX989 Sensor?

IMX989 is a massive 1-inch camera sensor manufactured by Sony. Xiaomi claimed it had contributed 15M in funding to Sony for developing the IMX989 sensor. It should be noted this lMX989 isn’t exclusive to Xiaomi; Sharp has also used this sensor on its smartphone, Sharp Aquos R7.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s IMX989 Sensor details:

  • Outstanding Light Sensitivity.
  • Whether a snapshot or a night shot, the photos can be presented clearly and exquisitely delicate and brilliant
  • 50MP 1-Inch.
  • Outsole Professional.
  • 23mm Equivalent Focal Length.
  • 1 Inch Sensor 8P.
  • 3.2um Four-In-One Pixel Size.
  • Lens OIS Optical.
  • f/1.9 Aperture.
  • Octa-PD Phase Focus
  • Image Stabilization.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra's Sony's IMX989 Sensor details:

When Xiaomi compared it with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, they found:

The photosensitive area of ​​the IMX989 is increased by 172%, the photosensitive capacity is increased by 76%, the camera speed is increased by 32.5%, and the startup speed is increased by 11%.

The IMX989 includes a 4:3 ratio that is more suitable for mobile imaging needs. The area is a bit larger than the 3:2 one-inch sensor on the camera, and the actual number is 1.02 inches.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra is also packed with the Mi Imaging Brain that optimizes the underlying architecture. It improves the camera speed, startup speed, and night shooting speed.

Sony IMX989 Review (Video)

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1. Xiaomi 12S Ultra Camera Sensor Sample (Day)

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Night Camera Sensor Sample

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2. Xiaomi 12S Ultra Night Camera Sensor Sample (Night)

Xiaomi 12S Ultra night

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