How to Switch to 5GHz WiFi on Windows 11

Switching WiFi from 2.4GHz to 5GHz in Windows 11 on a laptop or computer will increase the internet data transfer speed. If your computer or laptop supports WiFi 5GHz, then you can set the frequency through the device manager by changing the parameters of the network adapter.

Enable 5GHz WiFi on Windows 11

Enable 5GHz WiFi on Windows 11

  • Press Win + X and select ” Device Manager “.
  • Expand the ” Network adapters ” column and double-click on the WiFi adapter.
  • Go to the ” Advanced ” tab and find the value associated with 5GHz or 802.11 a or 802.11ac.
  • The parameter can be named differently ” Wireless Mode “, ” Preferred frequency “, and ” Preferred band “.

If there are no available parameters in the properties of the network module, to change WiFi to 5GHz, you need to find the VHT 2.4G parameter option and set the value to Disable (disabled).

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