Tesla Pi Phone: Release Date, Specifications, Price

Tesla is known for manufacturing luxury electric cars, designing spacecraft, and producing solar panels. Tesla has been in the news for creating innovative products, but there are still many mysteries that surround the upcoming Tesla Pi Phone. Ever since Elon Musk tweeted about the phone in November 2022, fans have been eagerly waiting for its release. However, no official information regarding its release date, design, price, or specifications has been revealed by Tesla.

Tesla Pi Phone Design & Specifications

The design of the Tesla Phone is still up for speculation, as no official teasers have been released by Tesla. Based on fan speculation, the phone could have a square design with a metal body and a quad-camera setup, as shown in the fan-made render from ADRStudioDesign. Fans are hopeful that the phone will have a sleek and minimalist design, similar to other Tesla products, giving it the look of a luxury device.

The Tesla Phone’s specifications remain a mystery, and most of the rumours circulating are based on fan speculation. However, there are rumours that the phone could use one of Tesla’s octa-core processors, which powers the screens inside Tesla cars. It is also believed that the phone could connect to Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service and use solar charging technology to refuel its battery.

Fans have suggested that the Tesla Pi Phone could run on “TeslaOS,” but this operating system does not currently exist. Although Tesla’s internal computers run on a custom version of Linux, it is not called TeslaOS. Linux phones exist, but they haven’t gained much traction compared to AndroidOS. It is possible that the phone could run on a version of Android, but Musk has expressed disinterest in the “duopoly” that he believes Google and Apple have on the mobile industry. There is no clear indication of which operating system the Tesla Phone will run on.

tesla phone render

Credit: ADRStudioDesign

Tesla Pi Phone Price and Release Date

There is currently no official release date for the Tesla Phone. Some speculate that it may be launched in early 2023, but it is more likely that the launch is much further away. Manufacturing a smartphone is a long and arduous process, and Musk’s companies do not have much experience in smartphone production. If the Tesla Phone is aimed to launch alongside a custom OS made from scratch, the launch date will likely be even further away. With no official information, speculating about the phone’s price is also pointless, but it could be expected to cost around $1000, like most high-end smartphones.


The Tesla Pi Phone is still shrouded in mystery, and no official information has been released by Tesla. Fans eagerly anticipate its release and are speculating about its design, specs, software, price, and release date. Until Tesla provides some concrete information, all the rumours surrounding the Tesla Phone should be taken with a grain of salt. Likely, the phone launch is far away, but Tesla fans can only hope that the wait will be worth it.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Tesla Pi Phone:

1. Is the Tesla Pi Phone a real product?

There’s no official word from Tesla or Elon Musk regarding the Tesla Pi Phone. While there are many rumours and fan-made renders out there, we don’t know for sure if the phone will ever be released.

2. When will the Tesla Pi Phone be released?

There’s no official release date for the Tesla Pi Phone. While some rumours suggest it could be released in early 2023, it’s more likely that the phone won’t be released until 2024 or later, if it is ever released.

3. What will the Tesla Pi Phone look like?

There are many fan-made renders of what the Tesla Pi Phone could look like, but we don’t have any official images or information about the phone’s design.

4. What are the rumoured specs of the Tesla Pi Phone?

There are no official specs for the Tesla Pi Phone. Some rumours suggest it could run on one of Tesla’s octa-core processors, use solar charging technology, and connect to Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service. However, these are all unconfirmed rumours.

5. Will the Tesla Pi Phone use a custom operating system?

There are rumours that the Tesla Pi Phone could run on something called “TeslaOS,” which doesn’t currently exist. It’s possible that the phone could use a version of Linux or Android, but we don’t know for sure.

6. How much will the Tesla Pi Phone cost?

There’s no official price for the Tesla Pi Phone, but it’s likely to cost at least $1,000 if it’s ever released. However, this is just speculation.

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