ThisisWin11: Speed Up Windows 11 PC and Optimize Performance

There are now several tools to check the system requirements of Windows 11, such as WhyNotWin11. A new tool called “ThisisWin11” is now available that optimizes Windows 11, contains tweaks and cleans up the system. There is still a lot of time until the premiere of Windows 11, but that does not mean that there is no way to get to know the system faster. The ThisIsWin11 application creates this possibility.

What is ThisisWin11?

With “ThisisWin11”, you can speed up your Windows 11 PC and optimize its performance. ThisIsWin11 is a Windows 11 optimization software that can help users change the Windows 11 default interface and settings. It can remove the software and applications that come with the Windows 11 OS system. In addition, it can also open the game mode that gamers like, control frequency reduction, etc.

thisiswin11 preview

ThisIsWin11 version 0.50.0 (Preview) Features

  • Added Privacy analysis and issues fixer module.
  • Each app module gets more originality and receives an internal app name and versioning scheme.
  • Windows 11 Privacy module runs under Lucent11.
  • Windows 11 App uninstaller module is named Bloatbox.
  • Windows 11 custom tweaking module is named PimpApp.
  • Nothing changes for the Package Manager as it is partly based on Winget, and the development effort for me is relatively low.
  • It has improved overall stability.
  • Several fixes in UI and code.

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