How to Uninstall Apps and Programs in Windows 11

If you no longer use programs, applications, and games, you can uninstall them to free up disk space and, in some cases, improve the performance of your computer or laptop. We will analyse in this instruction how to uninstall programs, applications and games in Windows 11 in different ways since UWP applications will not appear in the uninstallation of programs in the Control Panel. In addition, some Win32 programs may not appear in Application and Feature Options.

 Uninstall Apps and Programs in Windows 11

Steps to Uninstall apps in Windows 11 through Options

  • Open “Settings”> “Applications”.
  • On the right, click on “Applications & Features”.
  • Find the application in the list and, opposite, click on the ellipsis.
  • Select “Uninstall”.

Steps to Uninstall programs and apps in Windows 11 from the Start menu

  • Open the start menu and click “All applications” on top to bring up a list of installed programs
  • Right-click on the desired program and select “Uninstall” from the menu.
  • Next, run the uninstaller or, in some cases, you will be thrown into uninstalling programs.

Steps to Uninstall programs in Windows 11 through Control Panel

  • Press the Win + R key combination and enter appwiz.cpl to open the control panel quickly.
  • Next, select the program to uninstall with one click and click on ” Uninstall ” from above.

When you have uninstalled a program, an entry may remain, but the program does not seem to exist since it was partially removed. In addition, there may be an error in the files that were not found when trying to delete. In this situation, you need to delete the program entry in the registry.

  • Press Win + R and type regedit. Then follow the path:
  • Please note that most of the programs will be in the form {FD569df-JD34 …}
  • Select the given value and on the right, find the DisplayName key, and the program name will be indicated opposite it.
  • In addition, programs can be called commonly, for example, WinRar.

Note: If you are trying to uninstall applications and the uninstall button is greyed out or greyed out, below the first two points will help you.

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