How to Use Hisense TV Without Remote

Have you ever lost your Hisense TV remote or had the batteries die at the worst time? It can be incredibly frustrating when you can’t control your TV, especially if you’re trying to watch something or change settings. Thankfully, several ways exist to use and control your Hisense TV, even without the remote handy.

1. Use the Buttons on the TV

Hisense TV Buttons

The most straightforward way to control your Hisense TV without the remote is to use the manual buttons on it. All Hisense TV models have physical buttons for basic functions like power, channel control, volume, and input selection.

To find the buttons, look on the lower right-hand side of the TV’s frame or the backside near the bottom. The layout varies between models but generally will include the following:

  • Power button: Turns the TV on and off
  • Channel/Source button: Cycles through channels or input sources
  • Volume buttons: Increases and decreases volume level
  • Menu button: Opens on-screen menu for settings

While limited, these buttons allow you to turn the TV on/off, change the volume, switch input sources between devices like DVD players and game consoles, and channel surf. Just note that using the buttons typically brings up an on-screen menu, which you would need the remote to navigate. But in a pinch, the physical buttons work for basic control.

2. Use Your Smartphone as a Remote

Hisense Remote App

Suppose your Hisense TV has built-in WiFi, and you connected it to your home network. Using the Hisense RemoteNOW app (available for iOS and Android), you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

  • To set this up, ensure your phone and TV are on the same WiFi network.
  • Download the Hisense RemoteNOW app and open it on your phone.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your phone with your TV.
  • This typically involves selecting your Hisense TV model from a list and then entering a pairing code displayed on the TV into your phone app.
  • Once connected, the RemoteNOW app provides a virtual remote on your phone with all the usual buttons like power, volume, channel, input, etc.

Some models may also allow the use of voice commands through the app. This gives you full wireless control over your Hisense TV from your smartphone when you don’t have the physical remote.

3. Cast to Your TV with Chromecast/AirPlay


If your Hisense TV has Chromecast or AirPlay capabilities built-in, you can “cast” video and audio from compatible apps on your phone or tablet directly to the TV.

Open a Cast-enabled app like YouTube or Netflix on your Android or iOS device for Chromecast. Select your Hisense TV from the target device list by tapping the Cast button. This streams the content directly from your mobile device to the TV.

Similarly, for AirPlay, open a compatible iOS app like Apple TV+, select screen mirroring, and choose your Hisense TV as the AirPlay destination. Everything on your iPhone or iPad will be displayed on the TV.

This allows you to easily watch online media from your mobile device on the big screen, without needing the TV remote.

4. Connect Wireless Peripherals

Another option is to control your Hisense TV using third-party wireless peripherals like a wireless keyboard or mouse. Many smart TVs can interface with wireless input devices connected via Bluetooth or wireless USB dongles.

Check your TV model’s specifications to confirm if wireless peripheral support is built-in or requires an additional adapter. Then, pair your wireless keyboard or connect a wireless mouse dongle to one of the USB ports on the TV.

Once connected, you can navigate menus, type in search terms, select apps and channels, adjust settings, play/pause video, and more using the wireless keyboard or mouse from the comfort of your couch. This gives you functionality similar to the remote.

5. Use a Universal Remote or Programmable Remote

Universal Remote

If the above options don’t work or you want a full-featured remote control, consider getting a universal remote or programmable remote to pair with your Hisense TV. Many third-party remotes from brands like Logitech or Sony can control multiple devices.

You’ll need to consult the instruction manual for the specific steps to pair your universal remote to a Hisense TV. Some auto-detect the device, while others require entering a device code. This allows the universal remote to mimic all functions of the lost Hisense remote.

Programmable learning remotes take this a step further by letting you customize buttons and features. Again, check the user guide for how to pair it with your TV model and “learn” the proper infrared commands from the original remote control.

While pricier than basic replacements, a good universal or programmable remote can simplify your home theater setup by combining all controls into one device.

6. Use Alexa or Google Assistant Voice Commands

If your Hisense TV works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can use handy voice commands to control essential TV functions:

“Alexa, turn on Hisense TV”

“Hey, Google, change Hisense TV to HDMI 1.”

“Alexa set Hisense TV volume to 50%.”

Connect your smart TV to a compatible smart speaker for Alexa capabilities, or link your Google account for Assistant support. Then, just use spoken directives to turn the TV on/off, change the volume and inputs, launch apps, adjust settings, and more, all without the remote.

7. Hisense Remote Control Apps

Remote for Hisense Smart TV

In addition to the official RemoteNOW app, various third-party apps can turn your phone into a Hisense TV remote:

Search your phone’s app store for free and paid apps tailored to Hisense TVs. Download a few options to try out and see which one provides the best remote replacement for your needs.

8. Control with Amazon Fire TV Stick

amazon fire stick

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can use its included Alexa Voice Remote as a controller for your Hisense TV.

Plug the Fire TV Stick into one of the HDMI ports and pair the remote to your WiFi network. Then, in the Fire TV settings, select “Control Other Devices” and choose Hisense TV from the list of manufacturers.

This will program the Fire TV Remote to power on/off and adjust the volume for your TV. Say voice commands like “Alexa, turn on the TV” to control your Hisense without a dedicated remote.

9. Contact Hisense Support

If all else fails and you cannot find a suitable remote alternative for your Hisense TV, contact Hisense customer support for help. You can submit a support request on their website or call their tech support line.

Provide your TV model details and remote issues. Hisense should be able to provide tailored troubleshooting tips or offer replacement options suited for your specific TV. This ensures you get the right remote or control solution.


While losing your TV remote can be hugely inconvenient, all hope is not lost in the case of Hisense smart TVs! Using the built-in manual buttons, connecting to mobile apps and wireless peripherals, programming universal remotes, or leveraging voice assistants are all great options to take back control of your TV. Get creative with the various wireless workarounds to command your Hisense once again.

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