How to Set Up and Use Power Automate in Windows 11

Power Automate Desktop is a built-in application in Windows 11 designed to automate processes and actions. For example, every day, you need to perform a long chain of actions: check the system for viruses after turning on the PC, make backups, execute any DOS command, open a website and turn off the computer. If the actions are the same every day, you can automate them using Power Automate in Windows 11 and perform all the activities in one click.

Power Automate in Windows 11

Setting Up Power Automate in Windows 11

Start the Power Automate app by typing the name in the search. You will need to enter the email address from your Microsoft account and click on “Create Stream”. The stream name can be anything.

Next, Click on minimise the window, as it will close the second window with the task list.

We will show you how to create an automated task to empty the trash can. In the program, click on “Computer Recorder”.

In the new window, click on “Record” and minimise the window so that it does not interfere.

Next, open the Trash on your desktop and click on the “Empty Trash” button at the top, then close the window. Expand the recording window and click pause and finish.

Further in the window, you will see a list of your actions to empty the basket. Click play, and the automated process will begin.

What if the shopping cart is empty and the process is stalled because there is no “Empty” button? It’s simple, and you need to create a sub-stream. When the sub-stream is made, a tab will appear; in my case, I named Clean1. Next, start another post, open the cart, begin the post and close the cart, and stop and save the post.

We return to the Main tab, where we empty the trash and look for where the error is when the program could not find the clear button since the trash is already empty. Click on the ellipsis on the right above this item and select “change”.

Click on the bottom “On error”.

Expand the “Advanced” list, create a rule, and then “Run flow”. Next, select our created sub-stream Clean1. Go to the Main tab and start the whole process, and when the basket is empty, the program will receive an error that there is no button, and then a sub-stream will be triggered to close the window.

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