How to View WiFi or Ethernet Properties in Windows 11

In Windows 11, you can now view the properties of WiFi and Ethernet network adapters through options, which is a convenient and fast way. In addition, some information like sending and receiving bytes and line speed are displayed in real-time.

In the properties of network adapters themselves, we can find out information about the TCP / IP address, DNS, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, MAC address, manufacturer information and driver version.

View WiFi or Ethernet Properties

View Information about network adapters in Windows 11

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced Network Settings on the right .

Click on the side arrow of the WiFi or Ethernet network adapter to expand the item.

You will be able to see the line speed, how many bytes received and sent.

Click on ” View additional properties ” below for information about TCP / IP, DNS, IPv4, MAC address.

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