Download WhatsApp UWP App for Windows 11/10 PC

WhatsApp UWP app on Windows 10 and 11 is finally here. It’s a 100% Universal Windows Platform app, a completely renewed version compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. It brings a new design and has Windows 11 elements in the interface. In short, we can say it’s a suitable replacement for the current WhatsApp Desktop app. It is said that the new app is based on XAML and WinUI.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp UWP App

  • Click Here to download WhatsApp UWP App for Windows 11/10 PC.
  • After installing the app Successfully, proceed to link your WhatsApp account from “Linked Devices” using a QR Code.
  • Your chats will start syncing, and you will be able to use and test the app.

Note: Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open the new Whatsapp. The minimum OS version is Windows 10 18362.0 or higher. Architecture must be x64.

Microsoft is still developing the new WhatsApp UWP app. However, you can check out the new experience by downloading the latest beta build of WhatsApp UWB from the Microsoft Store. Although it’s a beta version, it is working fine. However, some features are still missing. It should be noted that you can run WhatsApp UWP alongside WhatsApp desktop or web app.

WhatsApp uwp app look

Some features of the WhatsApp UWP App

Lighter: The new Whatsapp app is lighter, with opening times reduced to a minimum. It takes a second to launch, faster than the existing desktop app.

Drawing: This feature allows users with Windows PCs equipped with a touch panel to write and draw on a whiteboard by hand, sending the message as an image.

Notifications: You will receive messages even when the WhatsApp app is closed and not active on the desktop.

General: The app will automatically open when the PC starts up, Sound Customization, Selection of files to be downloaded automatically, information about the app etc., privacy and security management.

Chats: Archive option, delete messages and conversations.

All the features make the platform more pleasant to use.

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