Windows 11 Compatibility: Find Out Why Your PC is Incompatible

Microsoft’s PC Health Check tool for checking a computer for compliance with Windows 11 is very crude, but the company is trying to improve it with each new version. In addition, it does not always show what exactly is wrong with the computer to install Windows 11. PC Health Check may display the error ” Windows 11 cannot be installed on this computer ” even when the minimum requirements are met. Therefore, a third-party tool, WhyNotWin11, was developed by the developer Robert C. Maehl and posted on GitHub, showing what is unsuitable for your computer to install Windows 11.

Windows 11 Compatibility

Find Out Why Your PC is Incompatible with Windows 11

Note: Browser and SmartScreen may swear at the file as unsafe. You may be considering that it is open source and on GitHub with no comments that it is malicious. In addition, we checked it against Virustotal, which showed that the file is safe, except for the not popular two antiviruses.

  • Go to GitHub, scroll down and click on Download here to download WhyNotWin11.
  • Next, right-click on the .exe and select ” Run as administrator “.

After launching WhyNotWin11, scanning and displaying information will start. The tool will tell you if the processor, memory, storage, and other requirements such as Secure Boot, TPM, and DirectX are compatible with Windows 11.

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