Windows 11 HDR Enable: Can I Enable on an Unsupported Display?

If you have a monitor that can operate in high dynamic range mode then you can get a brighter and more vivid experience. So if your monitor supports HDR then you should turn it on as soon as Windows 11 starts to see OS visual design updates in the best light. It is easy to enable HDR if you upgrade to Windows 11 on an existing PC or download a Windows 11 ISO build for a clean install.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) makes your images or videos brighter, richer and more detailed. If you have a more or less modern monitor, then we will explain how you can enable Auto HDR in Windows 11.

Windows 11 HDR Enable

How to Enable HDR in Windows 11

1. You need to go to Settings> System> Display.

2. Click on the “HDR” column.

3. Under “Display Features” enable HDR.

Can I Enable Windows 11 HDR on an Unsupported Display?

No, if HDR is not supported on your Windows 11 PC/Laptop then it is impossible to enable it. As HDR is created by having a very high contrast ratio so it is impossible to enable HDR on a non-HDR monitor. If you turn on HDR by the registry or by any other force enable trick yet it will not work as hardware cannot provide the output and show the enhanced image.

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