Windows 11 PC or Laptop Specifications: How to Find Computer Specs?

If you play games, then you probably want to look at the specs of your computer to see if it can handle this game. In addition, if you are going to sell or buy a computer or laptop, then you need to know its specifications such as graphics card, processor, memory, disk, motherboard, so as not to cheat and not be deceived. Here, we will discuss the methods of how to see the specifications of a PC or laptop in Windows 11.

Windows 11 PC or Laptop Specifications

How to Find PC/Laptop Specifications on Windows 11

Method 1: Through the properties of the system

  • Press Win + I to open options and on the right select “About”.
  • In the column “Device characteristics” you can find out information about the processor and RAM.

Method 2: Through system information

  • Press Win + R and enter msinfo32 to open system information. You will be presented with a very extensive list of your PC’s specifications.
  • In the “Display” tab, you can find out the model of the graphics card.
  • The System Information tab will show the BIOS version and motherboard model, CPU and RAM.

Method 3: Through CMD and PowerShell

  • Run CMD or PowerShell in Windows 11 and enter below commands of your preference to view PC specifications:
CDM : systeminfo
PowerShell :Get-ComputerInfo

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