Where are Windows 11 Screenshots Saved? How to Find on PC?

In this guide, we will analyze where the screenshots taken are saved on a computer or laptop running Windows 11. Capturing screenshots can be done in different ways: through the Game Bar, through Steam or the built-in tool of the windows operating system. Let’s analyze these popular moments to find the screenshots taken with the storage folder.

Windows 11 Screenshots Saved

Where Windows 11 screenshots are saved when pressing Win + PrintScreen

If you took a screenshot of the screen when you pressed the combination of buttons on the Win + PrintScreen keyboard, then it can be found along the path:

  • This PC> Pictures> Screenshots

Where are the Windows 11 screenshots taken through the GameBar

If in Windows 11 you use the GameBar or the shortcut keys Win + Alt + PrintScreen, then they are saved along the path:

  • This PC> Videos> Clips

Where Steam Windows 11 Screenshots are Stored

If you are playing Steam games and taking screenshots of gameplay by pressing F12, then screenshots are saved along the path:

  • This PC> Documents

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