Windows 11 Update Blocker: Disable Automatic Updates

Windows 11 automatically updates the system for security, performance, bug fixes, and new features. For some users, in particular gamers, automatic updates can interfere, creating high ping during gameplay. This manual describes how to disable, block, or stop automatic Windows 11 updates by stopping them for a while, setting a limited connection and a unique utility that will permanently disable updates.

Windows 11 Update Blocker

Windows 11 Update Blocker

Before disabling Windows 11 updates, let’s look at some points.

  • It is not recommended to disable updates for a long time, as you will lose new features, security and performance.
  • Windows 11 has a WaasMedic service that automatically starts the update service, even if you disabled it in the services or registry.

Pause updates

This is a safe, quick workaround to stop automatic Windows 11 updates for seven days; you can for another week. For this:

  • Go to Settings > Windows Update > Pause for 1 Week

Internet connection limit

A safe and workaround life hack is to set your internet connection as a metered one. Windows 11 will not update the system if the Internet connection is limited.

  • Open ” Options “> ” Network and Internet “> on the right click on ” Properties ” of the Ethernet or WiFi adapter.
  • Find the ” Metered connection ” item and enable the slider.
  • Next, open ” Windows Update “> ” Advanced options “> and make sure ” Download updates over metered connections ” is disabled.

Windows Update Blocker Tool

If you want to disable all services related to the Windows 11 update, then the Windows 11 Update Blocker tool is an excellent choice. Why is this method suitable? It disables services like wuauserv, dosvc, UsoSvc, BITS and WaaSMedicSvc, which can start the update center and other services.

  • Go to the official sordum website, and at the very bottom of the page, click on Download to download
  • Unpack this ZIP archive to a convenient location and run it in the Wub.exe folder

update blocked or disabled

  • Check ” Disable updates ” and the ” Protect service settings ” checkbox.

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