YouTube Not Working on LG TV: How to Fix?

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms, allowing users to access a vast library of video content. As such, it is common for smart TVs like those made by LG to come with a pre-installed YouTube app. This allows you to stream videos directly on your big-screen TV.

However, sometimes, you may encounter issues with YouTube not working properly on your LG TV. When this happens, not being able to access YouTube can be frustrating. But you can take several troubleshooting steps to try and get YouTube working again on your LG TV.

What to Do When LG TV YouTube Not Working?

In this guide, I will take you through the most common fixes for when the YouTube app stops working or won’t open on an LG smart TV. So, let’s get right into the steps to troubleshoot and fix YouTube when it’s not working correctly on your LG TV.

Check YouTube-Server Status

youtube server status

Before troubleshooting your LG TV itself, check if the issue lies with YouTube’s servers. Sometimes, YouTube may experience downtime or technical issues globally, which prevents access even to working smart TV apps.

The easiest way is to visit Google’s status dashboard and see if YouTube has reported any incidents or outages. This is available at If YouTube does have a major outage, then you’ll have to wait until Google resolves it on their end before YouTube starts working normally again on your LG TV.

However, if YouTube status shows no issues, then move ahead with troubleshooting your LG TV’s YouTube app directly.

Force App Stop/Clear Cache

A simple fix to try first is forcing the YouTube app to stop on your LG TV or clearing cached data for the YouTube app. This refreshes the app and clears out any corrupt data that could prevent YouTube from working correctly.

Select the cogwheel settings icon on the LG TV Home screen to do this. Next, go into All Settings > General > Smart Features > App Manager. Look under the “Downloaded App” tab and select the YouTube app. Here, you will have the option to Force Stop the app and also Clear Data/Clear Cache for the app. Stop the app and clear the cache.

Now reboot the LG TV, then try accessing YouTube again to see if the issues persist. Clearing cached data and restarting the app essentially refreshes YouTube, which should resolve minor glitches.

Check for App Updates

If force-stopping YouTube did not work, check if a newer update for the YouTube app could fix your particular issue.

To check for app updates on an LG TV, go into settings using the cogwheel icon and open Support > Software Update > Update Apps. See if there are any available updates for installed apps like YouTube. If you do find an update, install it and then check if YouTube starts working properly again. Updating to the latest app version can fix compatibility issues with the LG TV software.

LG TV Software Update

software upgrade of lg tv

Besides the YouTube app requiring an update, your LG TV’s overall software may need updating. An outdated LG TV system software can cause problems with apps like YouTube.

You should periodically check for an update to your LG TV’s firmware to keep the TV working smoothly. This can improve compatibility with streaming apps and resolve bugs.

To update your LG TV system software, go to Settings using the cogwheel icon and choose Support > Software Update > CHECK FOR UPDATE. If an update is available, install it on your TV and restart the device when prompted. This is an essential troubleshooting step before resetting or factory resetting your LG TV to fix issues like YouTube not working, etc.

Change DNS Server Settings

DNS Server IP Address lg tv

Many YouTube videos are geo-restricted and do not play properly in certain regions. One workaround is to switch to custom public DNS servers like Google ( or Cloudflare ( Here’s how to configure DNS settings on your LG TV:

  • Go to Settings > Network > TV Name > Edit
  • Set DNS Setting to Manual
  • Enter Public DNS server IP addresses

This tricks YouTube into thinking you are in a different location so you can access more videos.

Adjust Video Playback Settings

Another setting that could be causing issues with playing YouTube videos is the video playback configuration. Some LG TV models can adjust video playback settings for apps like YouTube.

Open Support > Device Care > Special Features in your LG TV settings. Next, select Video Playback Settings. Here, you can tweak options for closed captions, HDR conversion, frame rate matching, and more. Try toggling some of these settings, like turning Frame Rate Matching to “Off” and disabling HDR conversion. Adjust video playback configurations and test if it now resolves any YouTube issues related to unable-to-play videos, buffering problems, or choppy playback. Reconfiguring video settings can potentially fix compatibility issues with streaming playback.

Delete and Reinstall the YouTube App

Delete Youtube

If all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app could fix underlying issues. This will completely remove the app from the system and install a fresh copy.

To uninstall YouTube, go to your LG TV settings and open Support > Device Care > Smart Features. Go to the App Manager and select the downloaded YouTube app. Choose the option to Delete. Confirm that you want to uninstall YouTube when prompted.

Once removed, reboot your LG TV. Next, reinstall YouTube through the LG Content Store. When installing, make sure you download the version of YouTube made specifically for your LG TV model. Log into your Google account when prompted to reconnect YouTube.

Disable Sleep Timer and Eco Modes

Timers og LG TV

If YouTube stops working after a period of time on your LG TV, the culprit could be a sleep timer or automatic power-saving mode kicking in.

LG TVs have options enabling a sleep timer to turn off the TV after an allotted inactive time. There are also Eco power saving settings that can dim or reduce functionality after no usage. These can interrupt apps like YouTube.

Go into your LG TV settings and disable anything related to Sleep Timers under the Timers menu. Also, check Support > Power Saving for Eco settings. Turn off any Eco Modes and disable features like screen/backlight auto-dimming. Preventing automatic timer shutoffs and power-saving modes should prevent YouTube and other apps from abruptly stopping or closing if you haven’t used the remote in a while.

Reset App Preferences

If software updates did not help, try resetting app preferences for YouTube. This will clear any customized settings that could be causing conflicts and leading to problems with YouTube working properly.

Go into Support > Device Care > Smart Features > App Preferences on your LG TV settings. Next, select YouTube and choose the option to Reset. Confirm that you want to reset the app when prompted. Erasing customized YouTube settings will revert it back to factory defaults, which could eliminate any bugs.

Then, relaunch YouTube to test if this solves your problem with YouTube on your LG TV. Resetting app preferences often fix streaming issues like videos not playing, app crashing, or YouTube not opening in the first place.

Confirm Service Country

Location Change LG TV

An incorrectly set service country on your LG TV can also cause problems with apps like YouTube. This setting impacts the regional availability and functionality of streaming services.

To check your LG TV’s country setting, go to Settings > General > Location. Under Service Country, select Set Automatically or enter your country manually, such as the United States. Ensure this matches your location, and double-check that the timezone is also set properly on your TV.

An incorrect region can affect streaming providers and apps. Since YouTube availability varies by country, configuring the wrong service country could prevent you from properly accessing YouTube. After correcting it, reboot your LG TV and retry YouTube to see if setting the right region fixes any location-restricted issues.

Remove and Re-add the YouTube Account

Another solution to troubleshoot YouTube functionality is unlinking your Google account from the LG TV and re-adding it from scratch. This can reset any authorization issues that may be occurring if you have previously signed in to YouTube.

To sign out of your Google account, go into YouTube app settings. Next, select your account and choose the REMOVE ACCOUNT option. Confirm again that you want to unlink it. This signs you out of YouTube on the LG TV.

Now, on the Home screen, relaunch the YouTube app. When prompted, re-add your Google account credentials to sign back into YouTube on the LG TV. If you have multiple Google accounts, log in with the right one.

Once signed back in, try playing a video to test if YouTube works properly without any issues. Relinking your account forces a fresh authorization, which could fix your sign-in issues.

Factory Reset LG TV

factory reset of lg tv

If none of the above steps have helped resolve the YouTube not working problem, then the last resort is to reset your LG TV to factory default settings. This will erase all data and customizations made, including any problematic app settings that could interfere with YouTube.

To factory reset an LG TV, go to Settings using the cog icon and open Support > Device Care > Self Diagnosis > Reset to Initial Settings > Reset. This will initiate the factory reset, deleting all custom settings, installed apps, and linked accounts in the process. You may have to reconfigure the LG TV like when you first purchased it.

Once the LG TV reboots after the reset, try accessing YouTube again. It should function properly, as all previous settings that may have interfered are now gone. However, as a last step, you may also want to power cycle your LG TV and broadband router if they have not been restarted recently. In rare cases, this can help, too.


With that, we troubleshoot solutions to fix issues with YouTube not working properly on your LG smart TV. First, ensure the problem is not due to a wider YouTube server outage. After that, try simpler steps like checking for app updates, reinstalling the app, and clearing the app cache and device restarts. If the problems persist, reset your TV to factory conditions as a last resort. This should get YouTube working smoothly again on your LG TV. Let me know if any of the fixes helped you!

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