How to Use & Install Zoom on Samsung TV

Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing apps during the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people work and study from home, Zoom provides an easy way to connect virtually for meetings, classes, events, etc.

While Zoom is commonly used on computers and mobile devices, it can also be installed on smart TVs, including Samsung models. Using Zoom on your TV lets you join video meetings and calls right from your living room on the big screen.

Watch Zoom App on Samsung TV

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to install and use Zoom on your Samsung smart TV. We’ll cover:

  • Checking TV compatibility
  • Downloading the Zoom app
  • Logging in or signing up for Zoom
  • Joining meetings and calls
  • Adjusting Zoom settings
  • Uninstalling the app
  • Tips for the best experience

So read on to become a Zoom master on your Samsung TV!


Checking if Your Samsung TV is Compatible

Before installing Zoom, you must ensure your Samsung TV model is compatible with the Zoom app.

Most mid-range to high-end Samsung smart TVs from 2016 forward support Zoom. This includes QLED TVs, The Frame, The Serif, and Crystal UHD models.

To confirm, head to the Samsung Apps store on your TV. Search for “Zoom” – if the Zoom Cloud Meetings app appears in search, your TV is compatible.

If not, your model likely doesn’t meet the requirements to install Zoom. These include:

– Tizen OS version 3.0 or higher
– 1.4 GHz CPU
– 1.5 GB RAM minimum
– Resolution of 720p or higher

So first, check that your TV meets these specs. Next, let’s download the app.

Installing Zoom App on Samsung TV

If your model is supported, installing Zoom from your Samsung TV is quick and painless:

1. From your Samsung smart hub homepage, select the “Apps” icon, then choose “App Store.”

2. In the search bar, type “Zoom” and select enter.

3. The Zoom Cloud Meetings app should appear. Select to open it.

4. Choose “Install” to download Zoom to your TV.

5. A popup will ask you to accept the app permissions – go ahead and agree to this.

6. The app will now download and install automatically. Once finished, select “Open” to launch Zoom.

And that’s it! The Zoom app is now downloaded and ready for your Samsung TV.


Logging in or Signing up for Zoom

On opening the Zoom app for the first time, you’ll be asked to either log in with an existing Zoom account or sign up for a new account.

If you already have a Zoom login:

1. Select “Sign in” from the Zoom home screen.

2. A browser window will open, asking you to enter your Zoom email and password.

3. Log in with your account details.

To create a brand new Zoom account:

1. Choose “Sign Up Free” on the Zoom home screen.

2. Follow the prompts to enter details like your name, email, password, and birth date.

3. Verify your email address by accessing the confirmation email Zoom sends.

4. Return to the TV app and log in with your new Zoom credentials.

Once signed in, your Zoom profile will load, indicating you’re logged in successfully!

zoom sign in

Joining Zoom Meetings & Calls

Joining meetings and calls with Zoom on your Samsung TV works similarly to other devices after you install the app and sign up.

There are two ways to join meetings:

1. Input the meeting ID, password, and your display name to join a meeting directly. It would be great if someone provided you with these details so you can join.

2. Join using a join link, which instantly loads the meeting when clicked. Zoom meeting invites usually include the join link.

Either way works fine! The app also saves your meeting history and contacts, making joining recurring meetings quick and easy.

When in a meeting, you can see other participants’ video feeds, chat, mute/unmute, and turn your camera on or off. Controls are accessible using your Samsung remote.


Adjusting Settings & Customization

Before hopping on video calls, adjust some quick settings for the best Zoom experience:

In Settings, you can:

  • Test and select your audio & video devices
  • Optimize video quality
  • Show/hide your profile picture
  • Disable incoming call notifications

Take a minute to ensure your mic, speaker, and camera are working properly here. You can also set up virtual backgrounds if desired.

Customizing these options is super handy to avoid technical headaches down the road!

Uninstalling Zoom from Samsung TV

No longer need the Zoom app on your TV? Uninstalling it is simple:

1. From your Samsung Apps menu, select settings (the gear icon) next to the Zoom app listing

2. Choose Remove/Delete and confirm to uninstall

3. Zoom will be deleted from your Samsung smart TV entirely

Reinstall anytime in the future if needed – just follow the install process outlined above again.


Tips for the Best Samsung TV Zoom Experience

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of Zoom on your Samsung TV:

  • Use a dedicated Samsung remote for easier app navigation and controls during calls
  • Adjust your TV camera height for an eye-level video view during calls
  • Ensure proper lighting on your face to see facial expressions clearly
  • For larger meetings, position the TV further away to see all participants comfortably
  • Plug headphones into your TV for clearer audio and avoid echo
  • Test mic and speaker setup beforehand to ensure others hear you properly

Following these simple best practices helps ensure successful and enjoyable Zoom calls on your big-screen Samsung TV!


Installing and running Zoom on compatible Samsung TVs is straightforward, thanks to the Tizen app store availability. With just a few steps, you can log in, join meetings, and video chat right from the comfort of your living room.

Fine-tuning settings like audio/video devices, virtual backgrounds, and more allow you to customize your experience. While joining calls works like on a computer or phone, small optimizations can prevent issues.

As video calls become more central to work and personal connections, leveraging your Samsung TV for crystal-clear communication is invaluable. Simply follow our guide above to quickly become an expert Zoom user on Samsung TVs!

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