How to Restart/Reset Apps on a Samsung TV

Have you ever experienced issues with apps freezing or acting up on your Samsung smart TV? Restarting or resetting the apps can often resolve these problems quickly and easily. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to restart or reset apps on your Samsung TV.

Why Restart or Reset Apps on a Samsung TV?

There are a few common reasons you may need to restart or reset an app on your Samsung TV:

  • The app is frozen or unresponsive. Restarting the app will force it to close and relaunch, which can fix temporary glitches or freezes.
  • The app is acting buggy or unpredictable. Resetting the app will clear out any cached data and restore it to default settings, which can resolve odd behaviors.
  • You want to start fresh. Resetting an app deletes any saved preferences or login details and allows you to set it up again from scratch.
  • The app has been updated and needs a fresh restart. Major app updates sometimes require a reset to work properly.

Restarting or resetting apps is an easy first troubleshooting step before investigating larger issues. It often clears up common app problems quickly.

How to Restart an App on a Samsung TV

Restart an App on a Samsung TV

Here are the steps to restart an individual app on a Samsung TV:

1. From your Samsung TV’s home screen, scroll down and select the “Settings” option.

2. In the left sidebar of the Settings menu, choose “Apps.”

3. Select the “Running” tab at the top. This shows a list of apps currently open on your TV.

4. Highlight the app you want to restart and select the “Force Stop” button.

5. When prompted, choose “Force Stop” again to confirm.

6. Back to the main Settings menu and re-open the app you force stopped. It will launch fresh as if you restarted your TV.

7. If the app is still having issues, try resetting it next using the steps below. Restarting forces a close but doesn’t delete any data.

How to Reset an App on a Samsung TV

Reset an App on a Samsung TV

Here are the steps to factory reset an app on a Samsung TV to default settings:

1. From the app’s page in the Settings menu, select “Clear Cache.” This deletes any temporary app files.

2. Select “Clear Data.” This resets the app and erases any preferences, logins, or saved data.

3. A prompt will ask you to confirm the reset – choose “Reset” to complete.

4. The app will now restart with factory default settings as if it were newly installed.

5. Log in to the app again if needed and adjust any preferences. The reset should resolve any odd app behaviors.

6. If issues continue, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or contact the app developer for support.

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Tips for Resetting Apps on a Samsung TV

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when restarting or resetting apps on your Samsung TV:

  • Restart apps one at a time to pinpoint a specific issue. Don’t reset all apps simultaneously.
  • After resetting an app, re-check for available updates in case a new version fixes bugs.
  • Always close an app properly before resetting it to avoid potential data corruption. Force stop if needed.
  • For Samsung TV system apps like Smart Hub, restarting the TV itself has the same effect as resetting the apps.
  • Back up app data if possible so you don’t lose preferences, logins, or game progress when resetting.
  • If issues continue after resetting, deleting and reinstalling the app is the next troubleshooting step.
  • For persistent app problems, check Samsung forums or contact Samsung support for additional help.

Following these simple troubleshooting steps can resolve the most common app issues on Samsung smart TVs. Just restarting an app often provides an instant fix. Resetting it deletes old data that could be causing glitches and starts the app fresh. So try restarting and resetting apps first when issues pop up before investigating further problems.

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