Samsung TV Dark Shadow on One Side of Screen: How to Fix?

Samsung TVs are renowned for their beautiful, vibrant displays that make watching your favorite shows, movies, and games an absolute pleasure. However, nothing can ruin that viewing experience faster than technical issues like a bothersome dark shadow along one side of the screen. This frustrating problem might make you think your expensive Samsung TV is broken beyond repair. But don’t despair just yet – in many cases, this shadowing effect can be easily fixed with a few troubleshooting steps.

What Causes the Dark Shadow?

There are a few common culprits behind a dark shadow on Samsung screens.

Possible Causes

  • LED backlight failure – Samsung TVs use LED backlights to illuminate the screen. If some of the LEDs have failed, it can cause a dark area. This tends to happen more on older TVs.
  • Loose cable connection – The ribbon cable that connects the LED backlights to the TV’s logic board may have come loose on one side. This interrupts the connection and power to the backlights.
  • Power supply problem – Issues with the power supply can cause uneven power delivery to the backlight LEDs, resulting in a dark shadow on parts of the screen.
  • Bad panel – In rare cases, defects in the LCD panel itself can cause uniformity issues, leading to dark patches or shadows on the display.

Samsung TV Dark Shadow on One Side of Screen

How to Fix Samsung TV Dark Shadow on One Side of the Screen

Before you call for service or give up hope, there are a few easy troubleshooting steps you can try yourself to eliminate the dark shadow:

Power Cycle the TV

Unplug the television from the power source for at least one full minute. This resets the TV and clears any software errors.

Try Different Inputs

Shadows that only appear with certain inputs point to a source issue rather than the TV. Switch to built-in apps, external devices, etc, to test.

Adjust Picture Settings

Restoring default brightness, contrast, and backlight settings often fixes uniformity problems.

Update TV Firmware

Samsung periodically releases firmware updates with bug fixes. Ensure your TV software is up-to-date.

Change Picture Mode

Vivid, Standard, Movie, and other preset modes impact backlighting. Cycle through them to find the best uniformity.

Test Different Content

Lower-quality inputs like certain channels or video games can cause darker shadow edges. Higher-quality video should appear normal.

Move Objects Away From the TV

Any obstructions close to the screen can cast shadows. Clear space around the TV area.

Perform Pixel Refresh

The Special Samsung menu option clears up retention issues and uniformity problems.

Some Prevention Tips for Samsung TV Dark Shadow/Half Black Screen

Once you’ve solved the darkened shadow problem, you can take proactive steps to help prevent recurrence in the future:

  • Keep obstruction away from the screen
  • Use picture settings judiciously
  • Update firmware frequently
  • Allow proper ventilation around the TV
  • Use surge protectors to avoid power issues
  • Handle TV gently to prevent LED damage

A dark shadow on your shiny new Samsung TV can be infuriating, but in many cases, it can be corrected with simple troubleshooting or reasonably priced repairs. With the proper preventative care, your Samsung should provide many years of vibrant, shadow-free viewing. Don’t resign yourself to living with a darkened edge on that expensive display. Investigate the problem and restore the Samsung picture quality you desire.

When to Call for Service

If you’ve worked through the troubleshooting steps and the dark shadow persists, it’s likely an LED backlight issue that requires professional repair. Contact Samsung or an authorized service center to schedule an inspection and diagnosis. Be prepared to provide your TV model number, purchase date, and details on the specific problem.

Repair costs will vary depending on the complexity of the fix and your warranty coverage. Backlight system repairs can sometimes range from $100 to over $500. Getting that pristine display back in working order with higher-end Samsung TVs is often worth the investment.

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