Samsung TV Crackling or Popping Sound: How to Fix?

It can be frustrating when your expensive Samsung TV starts making odd cracking or popping noises. These unexpected sounds can be distracting and concerning. In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of crackling or popping noises coming from Samsung TVs and provide troubleshooting tips to help resolve the issue.

Causes of Crackling or Popping?

There are a few likely culprits that could be the source of the crackling or popping noises:

  • Faulty speakers – The built-in TV speakers may malfunction or be blown. Speakers can make crackling noises when they start to fail.
  • Electrical interference – Nearby electrical devices like lamps, phones, or WiFi routers can sometimes cause interference that manifests as crackling sounds through the TV speakers.
  • Bad video cable connection – If the TV is connected to another device like a cable box, Blu-ray player, or game console with a video cable, a faulty HDMI cable or loose connection could be picking up interference.
  • TV settings – Something in the TV’s audio settings could contribute to the sounds. This might include a bad sound mode, skewed balance or surround sound settings, or enabled audio effects like volume leveling.
  • Loose internal component – A loose wire or ribbon cable could make an erratic connection inside the TV. Components can become loose over time due to heat cycles.

Samsung TV Crackling or Popping Sound

Fix Crackling or Popping Sound of Samsung TV

Here are some steps to take to get to the bottom of the crackling or popping coming from a Samsung TV:

1. Check TV audio settings

Dive into the audio menu and tweak any enabled audio effects like volume leveling, pseudo-surround effects, balance, and eq settings. Disable anything unnecessary and revert settings to default if needed.

2. Try different sources

If the TV is making noises while watching cable, streaming, or playing games, see if the noises persist when switching to different built-in apps like Samsung TV Plus. This can help isolate the issue.

3. Swap video cables

Replace the HDMI or other video cables if the TV is hooked to an external source. Bad cables are a common source of interference.

4. Use external speakers

Connect a sound bar or other external speakers via optical, HDMI ARC, or Bluetooth to test if the noises come through. If they do, the problem lies with the source or cables. No noises on external speakers indicate an issue with the TV’s built-in speakers.

5. Factory reset

Go into the general system settings and perform a factory data reset to clear any corrupted settings software and start fresh. Make sure to disconnect external devices first.

6. Update software

Check online for any available firmware updates from Samsung and install them if available. Updates sometimes address audio issues.

7. Replace speakers

If the noises persist on different sources and with external speakers, the built-in speakers may need replacement. This requires taking apart the TV to access internal components. Not a DIY fix for the inexperienced.

8. Contact Samsung support

If you’re unable to resolve the issue through troubleshooting, contact Samsung Support online to speak to a representative about solutions or repair options. They can help diagnose the specific problem.

Preventing Future Crackling and Popping Noises

To help avoid interference that leads to annoying cracking or popping sounds in the future:

  • Position the TV away from electrical devices and wireless routers that could cause interference.
  • Make sure to use high-quality, well-shielded HDMI cables that fit snugly into ports.
  • Don’t crank the TV volume to maximum levels, which can overdrive the speakers.
  • Give ample ventilation space around the TV to prevent overheating of internal components.
  • Use surge protectors to avoid power surges that can damage TV circuitry.
  • Update TV software and firmware when new versions are available.
  • Have the TV professionally serviced to fix loose connections and keep components in good working order over time.

Cracking or popping noises coming from your Samsung TV can be concerning but are usually caused by a handful of common issues. Running through troubleshooting steps like adjusting settings, trying different cables, resetting, or updating the TV will often resolve the problem without needing repair. But if the noises persist, be sure to seek help from Samsung support to identify and correct the specific problem. With the right repairs or replacements, you can get back to enjoying clear audio from your Samsung TV.

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