Samsung TV Software Update Not Available: How to Fix?

Having the latest software update on your Samsung smart TV is important to get new features, security patches, and bug fixes. However, the software update option may sometimes be greyed out or unavailable even when a new update is ready for your model. There are several potential reasons for this and solutions to try.

Causes of Software Update Not Available or Greyed Out

There are a few common reasons why the software update option is not selectable on your Samsung smart TV:

  • TV is not connected to the Internet: The software update requires an active Internet connection to download and install. Ensure Wi-Fi or ethernet is connected and functioning.
  • The Auto-Update Time is Restricted: Samsung TVs have an Auto Update Time setting, which restricts software updates to certain hours of the day. Check this setting under General in your TV’s settings.
  • The TV was Recently Updated: After an update, the option will be greyed out for 24 hours before you can check for updates again. This gives time for the new software to settle.
  • Incorrect Region Set: Software updates roll out staggered across regions. If the wrong region is set on your TV, it may not match the updates available.
  • Older Model TV: Older Samsung TV models stop receiving major software updates at a certain point. Check Samsung’s website to see if your model is still supported.
  • Server Issues: Sometimes, a problem with Samsung’s update servers can temporarily disrupt software updates. Trying again later often resolves this.

Samsung TV Software Update Greyed Out: What to Do?

If your Samsung TV says no software update is available even though your model should have a new version, try these troubleshooting steps:

Check Your Internet Connection

connect wifi

The most common reason a Samsung TV software update is unavailable is because the TV is not connected to the internet. To detect and download an available update, your TV must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

Make sure your TV is connected to your home network. Go to the network settings on your TV and confirm it is connected to your Wi-Fi network or that the Ethernet cable is plugged in properly. Also, try disconnecting and reconnecting to refresh the connection.

If you’re connected to a VPN on another device on your home network, this could also prevent the TV from properly connecting. Temporarily disconnect the VPN and see if the TV can then detect an update.

Power Cycle the TV and Router

Power Cycle TV

As simple as it sounds, sometimes turning the TV off and back on can resolve temporary glitches that cause available updates not to appear.

Unplug the TV power cord from the outlet for 60 seconds. Then plug it back in, turn on the TV, and check if the software update is now visible and accessible in the menu. This may require a few minutes after reboot for the TV to recheck for updates from the server.

After you plug the TV back in and turn it on, also restart your wireless router if you’re connected over Wi-Fi. Restarting the router reboots your home network connection, which may allow the software update to appear.

Outdated Region/Country Setting

A software update is often unavailable if the TV’s region/country setting is incorrect or outdated. Samsung TVs are region-specific; the available software updates depend on the configured region.

For example, if you bought your Samsung TV in the US but have the region set to Europe, it will not show software updates targeted for US models. Or if you moved your TV to a different country but the setting was never updated, the same issue can occur.

To check your Samsung TV’s region/country setting:

  • Open Settings, then go to All Settings
  • Scroll down to Supports and select Device Care
  • Now choose Self Diagnosis

Region Change of Samsung TV

  • Now, you will see the Reset Smart Hub Option and confirm it.
  • After completing Select Setup
  • When you are on the terms and conditions page, press the Mute Button >then Volume Up >Channel Up >Mute Button again.

Region Change of Samsung TV

  • Now, you will get the Region changing Page.

After updating the country/region setting, check if the software update is now available. A TV reboot is sometimes required after adjusting this setting for the update to appear.

Check the TV Status in the Menu

Another way to troubleshoot why an update is unavailable is to check the TV status menu:

  • From the main Smart Hub menu, select Settings.
  • Open Support and then select Self Diagnosis.
  • Choose Smart Hub Connection Test.

TV Status Menu Samsung TV

This will run a test and check for any software update issues. Pay attention to the Software Update status. If it displays “Under maintenance” or “Currently unavailable,” that indicates the update servers are down. This is usually temporary during maintenance windows or outages. Try again later.

Any other error here indicates a problem reaching the update server. Double-check internet connectivity and router settings if you see a failure here.

Check for Available Updates

Samsung Tv Software Update

On most Samsung TVs, you can manually check for a software update. Go to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now, and the TV will search for and install any available updates it finds.

If it tells you your software is up to date, your specific TV model may not have a newer update available yet. Check Samsung’s website to see the latest updated version available for your model and compare it to what your TV is currently running.

Update Over USB

If your TV still can’t find an available update, you may need to update manually using a USB drive. You’ll need to download the update file from Samsung’s support website onto a USB flash drive first. Make sure it is formatted as FAT32.

Then, plug the USB drive into your TV with the TV turned on. Go to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now. This time, it should detect the update file on the USB drive. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the USB update installation.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset Samsung TV

If all else fails and your Samsung TV still says no software update is available, a factory reset can get everything back to normal.

Just be aware that a factory reset will erase all saved settings, apps, channels, and accounts on your TV. Make sure to sync any smart hub accounts before resetting so you can easily sign back in after. Also, write down any custom picture settings to make adjusting the TV easier after the reset.

To factory reset a Samsung TV:

  • From the Smart Hub menu, select Settings.
  • Choose General, then Reset.
  • Select Reset Smart Hub to reset apps and accounts. For a full factory reset, select Reset TV to Defaults.
  • The TV will reset and reboot. Run through the initial setup process like when you first got your TV.

Once you’ve set the TV back up, check if the software update is now available. A factory reset essentially returns the TV software to its original state, allowing updates to download and install properly.


Stuck Samsung TV software updates can be immensely annoying. But in most cases, you can get the update option working again through troubleshooting. Check your internet connection, restart devices, manually check for updates, or perform a factory reset if needed.

In rare cases of persistent issues, Samsung Support can also lend a hand. Keeping your TV updated improves functionality and provides security patches. So it’s worth trying to get those pesky greyed-out or unavailable updates finally installed. Just have some patience and systematically work through the potential fixes outlined above.

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