Samsung TV Software Update Not Available: How to Fix?

Having the latest software update on your Samsung smart TV is important to get new features, security patches, and bug fixes. However, sometimes the software update option may be greyed out or unavailable even when a new update is ready for your model. There are several potential reasons for this and solutions to try.

Why is the Software Update Unavailable or Greyed Out?

There are a few common reasons why the software update option is not selectable on your Samsung smart TV:

  • The TV is not connected to the internet. The software update requires an active internet connection to download and install. Ensure Wi-Fi or ethernet is connected and functioning.
  • The auto-update time is restricted. Samsung TVs have an Auto Update Time setting, which restricts software updates to certain hours of the day. Check this setting under General in your TV’s settings.
  • The TV was recently updated. After an update, the option will be greyed out for 24 hours before you can check for updates again. This gives time for the new software to settle.
  • Incorrect region set. Software updates roll out on a staggered schedule across regions. If the wrong region is set on your TV, it may not match the updates available.
  • Older model TV. Older Samsung TV models stop receiving major software updates at a certain point. Check Samsung’s website to see if your model is still supported.
  • Server issues. Sometimes, a problem with Samsung’s update servers can temporarily disrupt software updates. Trying again later often resolves this.

Samsung TV Software Updates Troubleshooting Steps

If your Samsung TV says no software update is available even though your model should have a new version, try these troubleshooting steps:

Check TV Internet Connection

Software updates require your TV to connect to the internet to download. Go to Settings > General > Network > Network Status on the TV to view connection details. If disconnected, go to Network Settings and set up Wi-Fi or ethernet accordingly. Power cycle the TV and modem/router if connection issues persist.

Check Auto Update Time Setting

Samsung TVs allow restricting software updates to certain hours under General > System Manager > Auto Update Time. The default is 3 AM to 5 AM. If set to Off, change to any 1-2 hour window when the TV will be connected to power and internet.

Retry Checking for Updates

Even when the connection seems fine, simply retry checking for software updates under General > System Manager > Update Now. Keep trying periodically as updates roll out gradually.

Perform a Reset

Resetting the TV to factory settings can help clear any software gremlins stopping updates. Backup settings and apps first. Then do Settings > General > Reset and choose Reset Smart Hub to reset system software.

Contact Samsung Support

If you still cannot get the software update option to open on your Samsung TV, contact Samsung Support. Live chat is available to troubleshoot and audit your specific TV software situation. They can validate if your model should still get updates or require repair.

Install Updates Manually with USB

If no over-the-air update will succeed, visit Samsung’s support site to manually download the software installer file for your TV model. Follow their instructions to put this. BIN file on a USB drive. Insert it into your TV and install the update from the USB.

Why Regular Software Updates Are Important

With smart TVs like Samsung’s becoming the central entertainment hub of most homes, their software requires ongoing maintenance and improvement for the best experience:

  • Get new features- Streaming services like Netflix are constantly updated, requiring TV software updates to maintain app compatibility and new features. Updates bring interface tweaks and new smart home controls.
  • Security patches- Hackers target smart TVs with malware and spyware. Regular software updates help patch vulnerabilities and keep your viewing safe against the latest threats.
  • Bugfixes- Samsung actively squashes software bugs in updates. Fixes improve reliability and prevent annoying glitches while using your TV’s apps and functions.
  • Performance improvements- Updates include under-the-hood optimizations to UI speed and overall system fluidity. Your TV performs better over time with updates.
  • Support new devices- Device ecosystem updates enable new capabilities like pairing Bluetooth headphones or casting from new phones. Updates keep compatibility current.
  • Prepare for the future- TV hardware lasts years, but technologies and standards change. Software updates ready Samsung TVs for the future of streaming and entertainment services.

So keep your Samsung TV’s software up to date. While occasional greying out of the updates option is annoying, persistence usually pays off with critical system improvements through new firmware.

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