Amazon Prime Video Not Working on LG TV: How to Fix?

One of the most popular streaming services, Amazon Prime Video, is available today, providing access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and original content. However, there are many LG TV owners who have reported issues with getting Amazon Prime Video to work properly on their televisions. This can be very frustrating when you want to watch your favorite shows but can’t get the app to function as intended.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the most common reasons why Amazon Prime Video may not work on your LG TV and provide troubleshooting steps to help get it up and running again. Whether the app crashes, videos won’t load, or you can’t log in, we’ve covered you with various solutions. With a few simple checks and tweaks, you can get back to streaming your Amazon Prime content on your LG TV.

What to Do When Amazon Prime Video is Not Working on LG TV?

Check Your Internet Connection

Internet Strength

The first thing to check if Amazon Prime Video isn’t working properly on your LG TV is your internet connection. Streaming services like Prime Video require a stable, high-speed internet connection to stream content without buffering or quality issues.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Reset your wireless router and modem – Turn both devices off, wait 30 seconds, and turn them back on. This can help clear any temporary connection problems.
  • Check the connection status on your TV – Go to the settings menu and find the network status screen to diagnose any issues with connecting to your wireless network.
  • Try Ethernet if possible – Connect your LG TV directly to your router with an Ethernet cable for the most reliable connection.
  • Test your internet speed – Run a speed test on a computer or smartphone connected to the same network as your LG TV. You’ll want download speeds above 25 Mbps, the minimum recommended for 4K streaming.
  • Contact your internet service provider – If you consistently get slow speeds, an issue with your ISP may need addressing.

Getting your internet connection up to par will help ensure smooth, uninterrupted streaming from Prime Video. Check this first before diving into issues with the app itself. A weak or unstable internet connection can mimic or cause many of the problems with streaming apps.

Power Cycle the TV

Power Cycle LG TV

  1. Locate the power button on your LG TV remote control. It may be labeled as “Power,” “ON/OFF,” or have a power symbol.
  2. Press and hold the power button continuously for 10-15 seconds until the TV screen goes black. This will forcefully power down the TV.
  3. Unplug the TV from the electrical outlet after the TV is powered off
  4. Wait 30 seconds, then plug the TV power cable into the wall outlet.
  5. Press the power button on the remote again to turn the LG TV back on.
  6. Wait for the TV to go through the full startup process, which may take a minute or two.
  7. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app once the TV has fully restarted. Check if videos now play properly without any issues.

Power cycling forces the TV to discharge any residual power, clearing out memory caches, restarting background processes, and essentially rebooting the entire system. This can fix many common app issues, like those with Amazon Prime Video not working correctly. Try this hard reset if basic restarts have not resolved the problems.

Update the Prime Video App

prime video app

If your internet connection checks out, another common culprit is an outdated version of the Prime Video app. Apps frequently receive bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility updates. However, LG TVs don’t always automatically update apps as your smartphone would.

To check for updates on your LG TV:

  • From the Home screen, select the Prime Video app icon.
  • Press and hold the select button on your remote. This will bring up the app menu.
  • Select App Info or App Details.
  • You’ll see an option to update the app if an update is available. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Once updated, fully close and relaunch the Prime Video app.

Updating to the latest version can resolve many playback, crashing, and login issues you may be experiencing. It’s one of the easiest troubleshooting steps, so always check for updates before further investigation.

Restart Your LG TV

One quick fix to try with any misbehaving app is restarting your television. A simple restart can clear out buggy memory leaks, refresh connections, and potentially get things working again.

To restart your LG TV:

  • On your remote, locate the power button. It may be labeled Power, ON/OFF, or have a power symbol.
  • Press and hold the power button for several seconds until the TV turns off.
  • After a few moments, press the power button again to turn your LG TV back on.
  • Load the Prime Video app and see if the issues persist.

A restart or power cycle is a common yet effective troubleshooting step for many consumer electronics. The brief interruption it causes can knock your LG TV’s software back into shape to run Prime Video again properly.

Check Region Settings

A mismatch between your geographic location and your Amazon account’s region settings can also cause problems with Prime Video. Amazon specifies what content can be viewed based on your account’s configured region.

To check your Amazon region:

  • Visit Amazon on a PC or mobile device and log into your account.
  • Click Account & Lists > Your Account.
  • Scroll down to Settings and find Country/Region Settings.
  • Verify this is set to your current country.

On your LG TV:

  • From the Home screen, open Settings.
  • Navigate to General > Location.
  • Set your country here as well. It should match the setting on your Amazon account.
  • Restart the TV and check Prime Video again.

You may encounter playback restrictions, catalog errors, or general app malfunctions when location settings conflict, even when your internet connection is fine. Aligning these regions can smooth out Prime Video again.

Clear App Cache and Data

Over time, corrupted cached data and saved app files can accumulate on your LG TV and cause trouble for streaming apps like Prime Video. Clearing this data forces the app to start fresh, potentially resolving any conflicts.

To clear the cache and data:

  • Select the Prime Video app from the Home screen to open the menu.
  • Press and hold the select button on your remote.
  • Select App Info or App Details.
  • Look for options like Clear Data or Clear Cache, and select them.
  • Restart your TV and relaunch Prime Video to test if this worked.

This will wipe any temporary app files and user data, so you may need to log into Prime Video again. But removing the bad data allows the app to rebuild properly and may get it working again on your LG TV.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If all else fails, uninstalling Prime Video entirely and reinstalling a fresh copy can get you up and running. Here are the steps to fully remove and reinstall Prime Video:

  • From the Home screen, select the Prime Video app icon.
  • Press and hold the select button on your remote to bring up the menu.
  • Select Uninstall or Remove App and confirm when prompted.
  • Next, press the Home button on your remote.
  • Use the search function to find the Prime Video app again.
  • Select Install to download a new copy of Prime Video onto your LG TV.
  • Once installed, log into the app using your Amazon credentials.

This will completely erase the app from your system and start you off with a clean slate. Installation issues or corrupted data from the prior version won’t continue with a fresh install. Fully removing and reinstalling the app is an effective last resort to fix persistent Prime Video problems.

Contact LG Support

If you still can’t get Prime Video working after trying these troubleshooting steps, it’s time to contact LG support for additional help. Provide the details of your issue and what steps you’ve tried.

There may be underlying software bugs or compatibility issues at play that require investigation on LG’s end. They can also walk through advanced troubleshooting methods not covered here.

Sometimes, you may need to schedule a repair if a hardware failure is suspected. However, LG support can help correctly diagnose the cause and recommend the best solution.

Check for LG TV Software Updates

software upgrade of lg tv

Separately from app updates, your LG TV’s core software can also contribute to problems with Prime Video playback and usability. Keeping your LG TV’s firmware up to date ensures the latest bug fixes, compatibility improvements, and new features.

To check for updates on your LG TV:

  • From the Home screen, go to Settings > All Settings.
  • Select General > About This TV > CHECK FOR UPDATES.
  • If an update is available, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install it.
  • Restart your TV when complete, and test Prime Video again.

Major software updates from LG can optimize performance and compatibility between your TV and streaming apps like Prime Video. Keep an eye out for updates periodically and install them to help avoid issues.

Adjust Background App Refresh Rate

The background app refresh rate is An LG TV setting specific to Prime Video problems. This controls how often apps refresh their data and status when running in the background.

Setting too low can cause streaming errors and make Prime Video unresponsive. Here is how to adjust it:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Mobile App Settings.
  • Set Background App Refresh to High.
  • Restart your LG TV and open Prime Video again.

With the higher refresh rate, Prime Video can better maintain its connection in the background and may prevent errors that interrupt playback.

Enable HDCP Setting

Ultra HDR disable og lg tv

HDCP refers to High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection – a form of DRM that protects copyrighted 4K and HD video content. If HDCP is disabled on your LG TV, it can interfere with services like Prime Video.

To make sure it is enabled:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color.
  • Enable the setting for the HDMI input where your streaming device is connected.
  • If issues persist, also try toggling HDCP from 1.4 to 2.2 in the same menu.
  • Restart your TV and relaunch Prime Video.

Properly configuring the HDCP settings ensures your LG TV can receive protected content from Prime Video and other streaming services. This simple option is worth checking.

Factory Reset LG TV

factory reset of lg tv

If you’ve tried everything else without success, performing a factory reset on your LG TV may be the best option to fix Prime Video issues. This completely erases all stored app data and settings and reverts your TV to a brand-new, out-of-the-box state.

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings.
  • Enter your PIN if required. Select OK to confirm factory reset.
  • Your TV will reboot and restore factory defaults. You’ll have to reconfigure your settings afterward.
  • Test Prime Video again and set up your apps from scratch. In most cases, this should resolve any deep-rooted software issues impacting playback.

Factory resetting your LG TV gives you a blank slate to work from, removing any corrupted data that may be affecting Prime Video behind the scenes.


With Amazon Prime Video being one of the most popular streaming apps, issues getting it up and running can be seriously frustrating. Thankfully, troubleshooting techniques like updating apps and TV software, clearing app data, confirming region settings, and factory resetting your LG TV as a last resort can typically resolve common problems.

Patience and systematically working through these steps can help identify and eliminate the root cause. In some rare cases, hardware failures may require professional service. However, Prime Video issues on LG TVs can generally be fixed with careful diagnosis and the right solution.

Don’t give up if you cannot watch Prime Video on your LG television. Carefully work through these troubleshooting methods, and you’ll likely find a fix that gets your streaming service back up and running, allowing you once again to enjoy unlimited movies, shows, and more.

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