Samsung TV Won’t Download/Install App: How to Fix?

It can be frustrating when you get a new Samsung smart TV, ready to download fun new apps, only to find that you can’t download or install any apps on the TV. There are a few reasons why your Samsung TV may not be downloading or installing apps properly and some steps you can try to get it working again.

How to Fix Samsung TV Not Installing App

Check Internet Connection

check internet connection on samsung tv

The most common reason a Samsung TV won’t download or install apps is because of an internet connectivity issue. Apps can only be downloaded and updated if the TV is connected to the internet.

Here are some things to check regarding internet connection:

  • Make sure your TV is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Go to the settings menu and select “Network” to see if a connection is established.
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi. Turn off the wifi on your TV, unplug the TV power cord for 30 seconds, then turn everything back on and reconnect to the network.
  • Check if other devices connected to the same network have internet access. The issue may be with your router if your TV is the only device without connectivity.
  • Test with an ethernet cable instead of wifi if possible. Use a cord to connect your TV directly to the router.
  • Restart your home router and modem. Unplug them for 30 seconds, then plug them back in.
  • Check if your internet provider is experiencing an outage. Contact them if you can’t get online with any devices.

Having a strong, high-speed internet connection will ensure apps can be downloaded efficiently on your Samsung TV.

Update Software Version

Update Software Version on samsung tv

Your Samsung TV may need a software update in order to install new apps properly. Go to the settings menu and select “Support” to check your software version number and see if an update is available.

New app catalogs and services cannot be accessed on older software versions. You can update the software by going to “Settings” > “Support” > “Software Update” and selecting “Update Now” if an update is available.

Allow the TV some time to download and install the latest update software. Once updated, try downloading a new app again.

Restart the App Store

Restart the App Store on samsung tv

Sometimes, the Samsung TV app store can get stuck while downloading or needs to be restarted to function properly again.

To restart the Samsung app store:

1. From the TV’s home screen, open the “Settings” menu
2. Select “Apps”
3. Select “Samsung TV Plus”
4. Choose “Stop” to force stop the app store
5. Restart the TV
6. Open Samsung TV Plus again, and it will reload fresh

After restarting the app store, try downloading the app again. This often stops the app store when it’s having issues installing new apps.

Check App Permissions

Check App Permissions on samsung tv

Samsung TVs require you to allow app installation from unknown sources to download non-Samsung store apps. If you haven’t enabled this setting, the TV will block installations even if you try downloading a legitimate app package.

To enable app installations:

1. Go to “Settings”
2. Select “Safety & Privacy.”
3. Choose “Unknown Sources”
4. Slide the setting to “Allow”

Once enabled, you can install any compatible app on your TV, not just Samsung store apps. Just be careful to only install apps from sources you trust.

Clear App Store Cache

Clear App Store Cache on samsung tv

Over time, the app store cache can become corrupted, preventing new app downloads. Clearing this data forces a refresh and can get the store working properly again.

To wipe the cache partition on a Samsung TV:

1. Select “Settings”
2. Choose “Support”
3. Select “Self Diagnosis”
4. Select “Reset Smart Hub”

The TV will close all running apps and restart the Smart Hub. After restarting, try downloading an app again from the Samsung store.

Factory Reset TV

Factory Reset TV on samsung tv

If no other troubleshooting steps have worked, performing a factory reset on the Samsung TV may be necessary to get app downloads functional again. This will wipe all data and settings and restore the TV to its original factory conditions.

To perform a factory reset:

1. From the “Support” menu, select “Self Diagnosis”
2. Choose “Reset”
3. Enter your PIN code if prompted
4. Select “Reset” to confirm and begin the reset process

The TV will reboot and initialize the original factory software, removing any corrupted data that could prevent app installation. Just be aware you’ll have to reconnect to wifi, re-link any streaming accounts, and configure settings again after the reset.

Contact Samsung Support

If you still cannot get app downloads working after trying these troubleshooting tips, you may need to contact Samsung support for further help. Provide the specific details of your issue along with your TV model number.

Samsung can offer additional advanced troubleshooting, evaluate if a defective part prevents app installs, or determine if your specific app issue is already known and an upcoming patch is planned.

Some key contact options include:

  • Calling Samsung support at 1-800-SAMSUNG or using the live chat option on their support site
  • Finding a Samsung-authorized service center to have the TV inspected in person
  • Posting a question on Samsung’s community support forums
  • Submitting an email support request via Samsung’s Contact Us page

Samsung’s technicians have specialized tools, resources, and expertise that can fully diagnose what prevents app downloads and help restore full functionality to your smart TV.

Common Samsung TV App Issues

Here are some of the most common specific app issues on Samsung smart TVs and how to resolve them:

YouTube App Won’t Open

The YouTube app crashing right after launch is a common complaint. Try deleting and reinstalling the YouTube app from the Samsung app store. Check that YouTube is updated to the latest version. If issues persist, a factory reset on the TV often helps resolve YouTube app crashes.

ESPN App Stuck Buffer Wheel

Constant buffering in the ESPN app typically points to an internet connectivity problem. Verify your TV can stream other services like Netflix without buffering. Remove and re-add your TV provider from the ESPN app settings if only ESPN buffers. If issues continue, contact your provider to ensure your credentials are valid.

Hulu App Black Screen

A black screen when opening Hulu usually indicates an app glitch. Force stop the Hulu app and clear its cache/data. Restart the TV and reopen Hulu. If the black screen persists, uninstall and reinstall Hulu to refresh the app.

Disney+ App Error

“Something Went Wrong” messages in the Disney+ app can often be fixed by a quick logout and log-in within the app. Also, try deleting and reinstalling Disney+ if logout/login doesn’t work. Check your internet speed if issues recur – slow speeds disrupt streaming.

Sling TV Buffering and Crashes

Frequent buffering and app crashes for Sling TV are most often caused by an unstable internet connection or WiFi signal issues. Ensure your router, modem, and internet provider aren’t having service problems. Test your internet speeds. If they are consistently low, contact your ISP.

HBO Max Won’t Open

Issues launching the HBO Max app may require uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the Samsung app store. Also, confirm your Samsung TV is running the latest firmware, as app compatibility requires being on the newest Samsung platform.


Having trouble installing and updating apps on your Samsung smart TV can be immensely annoying. However, in most cases, this problem can be resolved through steps like checking your internet connection, updating TV software, restarting the app store, adjusting app permissions, clearing the app cache, factory resetting the TV, or contacting Samsung support. With consistent troubleshooting, you’ll be able to start enjoying your favorite streaming, social, and gaming apps on your new Samsung TV.

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