How to Fix Horizontal Lines on a Samsung TV

Seeing horizontal lines on your Samsung TV screen can be annoying and detract from your viewing experience. While there are a few different causes, the issue is often easy to diagnose and resolve on your own without having to pay for an expensive repair. Here is a guide to the common causes and fixes for horizontal lines on Samsung TVs.

What Causes Horizontal Lines on a Samsung TV?

Horizontal Lines on a Samsung TV

There are a few possible root causes for visible horizontal lines on your TV display:

  • Faulty T-Con Board – The T-Con (Timing Controller) board controls the individual pixels on the screen and syncs the image. If connections to this board become loose or corroded, it can cause distorted lines.
  • Failing Video Cable – If the cable connecting your TV to a media source is pinched, loose, or damaged, it can disrupt the signal and cause horizontal lines.
  • Interference – Electrical interference from nearby devices like wireless routers, satellites, or CB radios can cause lines on your screen.
  • Bad Panel – In rare cases, the LCD/LED display panel itself may be failing and causing visible lines on the screen.

Fix Horizontal Lines on a Samsung TV Screen

Before calling for professional TV repair, there are a few quick troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Check connections – Ensure all video cables and power cords are properly seated in the ports. Remove and re-connect them firmly.
  • Try another video source – Connect your TV to another device, like a streaming stick, game console, or DVD player. If the lines only appear with one source, the issue is with that device or cable.
  • Reset the device – Unplug the TV from power for 60 seconds and plug it back in. This may clear any temporary software glitches.
  • Replace cables – Swap out any video cables connecting to the TV for new high-quality ones. Damaged cables can cause interference.
  • Try a different outlet – Use an outlet further away from other electronics or connect a power strip as a buffer against electrical interference.
  • Check for interference – If you have electronic devices too close to the TV, like wireless routers or radios, try moving them further away, as they can cause display issues.

When to Call for Repair

If the lines persist through basic troubleshooting, it may be time to seek professional TV repair.

– Lines appear across multiple devices and inputs – This points to an issue with the TV hardware itself.

– Lines seem baked into the screen image – Unlike intermittent lines that flicker in and out, permanent lines indicate a deeper problem.

– Additional display issues like flickering or blank screens – Horizontal lines and other visual glitches signal complex failure.

– Physical damage is visible – Internal connections may be severed if you see any exterior cracks, dents, or burns.

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Samsung TV Repair Options

To fix persistent horizontal lines or other display issues, you have a couple of options:

– Authorized Samsung Repair – Samsung has thousands of authorized repair centers that can service their TVs properly. They have access to official parts.

– TV repair technicians – Many independent TV repair shops and technicians have the skills to troubleshoot and repair Samsung TVs. Get estimates from a few.

– DIY repair – If you’re technically skilled, replacement parts can be purchased online for many Samsung TVs for DIY repair. This risks voiding any warranty.

Regardless of your repair route, be sure to get a clear diagnosis of the problem and cost estimate before work begins. A trained technician’s proper diagnosis will make your Samsung TV look as good as new!

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