Netflix Not Working on LG TV: How to Fix?

Watching Netflix on your LG smart TV should be a breeze. However, sometimes issues can occur that prevent you from streaming Netflix properly. This can be frustrating when all you want to do is binge-watch your favorite show. You can try several troubleshooting tips to get Netflix working again on your LG TV. In this guide, I will take you through the top fixes and steps to take to resolve any Netflix problems you may be experiencing on your LG smart TV.

Determine the Exact Issue

Before trying to fix the problem, it’s important to pinpoint the issue. Here are some of the most common Netflix problems people encounter on LG smart TVs:

  • Netflix app won’t open at all
  • Netflix loads, but some or all shows/movies won’t play
  • Playback errors or content briefly play then stops
  • Netflix plays in low resolution or buffers frequently
  • Netflix icon disappeared from the LG smart TV homepage
  • Netflix app crashes or freezes

Take note of the specific problem you are experiencing. This will help determine which troubleshooting tips to try first.

What To Do When Netflix Won’t Working on LG TV?

Check Your Internet Connection

wifi connetion lg tv

The first thing to check whenever any streaming service is not working properly on a smart TV is your internet connection. Verify that your LG TV is still connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You can check this in your TV settings, showing all available Wi-Fi connections.

Make sure you are connected to the correct network. Also, check if other apps and services connected to the same network work properly, such as YouTube and streaming channels. This indicates if it’s an issue with just the Netflix app or your overall connectivity.

Run an internet speed test on a computer or mobile device connected to the same network. Netflix recommends a minimum download speed of 3Mbps for standard definition quality and 25mbps for Ultra HD streaming. If your network speed is sufficient, move on to the next steps. If not, try resetting your modem/router or contact your ISP about connection issues.

Force Close and Relaunch the Netflix App

A simple app reload is often all that is needed. On your LG TV remote, click the Home button to view all your apps. Scroll to the Netflix app, press the Options button on your remote, and select Close App. Then, simply open the Netflix app again to see if that fixes things.

If the Netflix app disappeared from the LG smart TV interface, scroll down to settings on the LG home screen. Open the All Settings menu, then go to General > Device Connectivity > Mobile Device Manager. Click the More button on your remote and make sure Enable is selected. This will make the Netflix app visible again.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix App

If simply closing and restarting the Netflix app doesn’t work, the next step is uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app from your LG TV. This refreshes the app files, which sometimes resolves issues.

To uninstall Netflix from an LG TV:

  • From your smart TV home screen, go to the Settings cog icon
  • Select General
  • Select Device Connectivity
  • Select Mobile Device Manager
  • Select the Netflix app and press the trash can Delete icon
  • Confirm to delete the Netflix app

Once deleted, go to the LG Content Store app to reinstall the latest version of Netflix. Open the app and log in again with your Netflix account. This often resolves app crashing, freezing, and content not playing properly in the Netflix app.

Check Netflix Service Status

Netflix status

Before troubleshooting further, it’s a good idea to check the official Netflix service status page at This shows if Netflix is experiencing any widespread outages or technical issues in your area. If you see orange or red alerts for your region and platform (LG TV app), something on Netflix’s end prevents streaming from working correctly.

In most cases, you must be patient until Netflix engineers resolve those issues. Just try loading Netflix after some time has passed to see if it starts working again, as disruptions are often temporary.

Restart Your LG Smart TV

If all devices and apps connect to your Wi-Fi correctly except Netflix, a simple restart can get things going again. Here is how to safely restart an LG TV:

  • Access the General menu from Settings
  • Select Power
  • Choose Power Off
  • Wait at least one full minute
  • Power your LG TV back on

Once fully booted and connected to Wi-Fi, check if Netflix works now. This refreshes network adapters and clears any app crashes or glitches that could prevent Netflix from functioning normally.

Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences and data for Netflix clears any corrupt cache files or app settings that might interfere with streaming.

To reset Netflix app data on an LG TV:

  • From the LG home screen, select Settings
  • Choose Apps
  • Select the Netflix app
  • Select Clear Data
  • Confirm to reset app data

This won’t delete your Netflix profiles or viewing history tied to your Netflix account. But it will wipe temporary app files and make Netflix start fresh. Reopen Netflix and sign in again after this reset.

Update Netflix and LG TV Software

software update lg tv

Outdated Netflix or LG TV firmware versions can sometimes create streaming problems if changes aren’t compatible.

Checking for updates is quick and easy:

  • Netflix App – Open Netflix > Press LG remote Menu button > Check if the Update App option is available
  • LG TV System Software – From the LG home screen > Select Settings > General > System Manager > Check System Software Update

Install any available updates for Netflix and/or your LG TV system software. Keep apps and system firmware up to date whenever possible for best performance.

Adjust Netflix Video Settings

Inside the Netflix app, video adjustments can improve buffering and visual quality issues:

  • Launch the Netflix app
  • Select the TV icon from the side menu
  • Adjust Netflix video resolution if needed
  • Modify Data Usage to allow more bandwidth
  • Turn off Test Participation for glitchy streams
  • Select app restart

Start streaming a show again to see if adjusted settings have improved Netflix streaming performance on your LG TV.

Change DNS Server Settings

In some cases, switching to alternate DNS servers like Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS can enable Netflix if it has network connectivity problems.

To configure DNS servers on an LG TV:

  • Select Settings from the LG home screen
  • Choose Network > Wired Connection (Ethernet)
  • Select Edit
  • Configure DNS settings to use and (Google DNS)
  • Alternatively, you can enter and for Cloudflare DNS
  • Save settings
  • Run the Netflix app to test if this fixed issue

If using Wi-Fi instead of ethernet, simply edit the connected Wireless network’s DNS settings. DNS tweaking sometimes resolves geolocation or network communication issues for streaming platforms.

LG TV HDMI Port Reset


For video playback errors but audio still works, an HDMI reset can recalibrate ports if connection handshaking problems exist between your TV and streaming devices.

To reset HDMI inputs on an LG TV:

  • From the LG settings menu, choose General
  • Select Device Connectivity
  • Enter HDMI Settings
  • Select HDMI Ports with issues
  • Choose the Settings icon and enable HDMI Deep Color
  • Select Reset Icon – checkmark will appear when reset
  • Attempt Netflix streaming again

HDMI issues cause partial streaming failures. Resetting will re-handshake with devices, which sometimes fixes Netflix app glitches.

Remove and Reinsert Streaming Device

If attempting Netflix on an external streaming player or mobile device connected to your LG TV, try reconnecting the device to the TV.

For external media players:

  • Power off streaming boxes like Roku or Firestick
  • Disconnect HDMI cable from LG TV
  • Connect the HDMI cable back into the HDMI port
  • The power streaming box is back on
  • Check if Netflix works now

For mobile devices casting Netflix:

  • Disconnect wireless casting like Chromecast in Netflix app settings
  • Close Netflix mobile app
  • Relaunch Netflix mobile app
  • Reconnect device casting to LG TV

This forces a fresh handshake between TV and streaming sources, which could fix playback failures.

LG TV Factory Reset

factory reset of lg tv

If you have tried all other troubleshooting steps with no luck getting Netflix working again, a final resort is performing a factory reset on your LG smart TV. This completely erases all data and settings, restoring your TV to its original factory condition.

Before restoring, note all Wi-Fi passwords and custom inputs/connections configured. To reset an LG TV:

  • From the General menu, select Reset to Initial Settings
  • Enter TV passwords is locked
  • Select Yes to confirm the factory reset
  • The TV will automatically power cycle when finished
  • Accept Terms of Service upon first boot
  • Reconfigure Wi-Fi and app logins

Once fully set up again, attempt Netflix. This wipe should clear any lingering software issues preventing Netflix from running. Log into Netflix, and your profile and viewing progress will sync from the cloud after signing in. Do a factory restore as a last resort.

Contact Netflix or LG Support

If you are still encountering Netflix difficulties even after trying all troubleshooting methods, it’s time to contact customer support:

Netflix Support:

  • Live chat agents at
  • Request a callback from the Netflix service team

LG Support:

  • Email support inquiries to LG TV technicians
  • Find the LG support phone number for your country at

Netflix and LG can further diagnose problems and send app logs for investigation. Support agents may be able to fix niche issues or clarify the next steps needed for repairs.


Hopefully, from DNS tweaks to factory resets, one of these Netflix fixes resolves the streaming problems happening on your LG smart TV. Always start troubleshooting by verifying your network connection first before investigating TV and app-related issues. Checking service status and then a reboot/reinstall of the Netflix app can also quickly get streaming working again. For persisting failures, consult Netflix or directly contact LG Support to determine the next troubleshooting for your locked-up Netflix app.

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