How to Fix Samsung TV Setup Stuck on Step 3

Have issues getting your new Samsung TV operational? Getting stuck on step 3 during the initial setup process can be frustrating. This guide will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to get your TV powered on and ready to use.

The initial setup for Samsung TVs includes connecting it to your Wi-Fi network, linking your Samsung account, accepting terms and conditions, and more. For some users, the TV gets stuck trying to connect to the wifi on step 3 and won’t proceed any further. Don’t worry – with a few simple steps, you can bypass this roadblock and complete the setup.

A Samsung TV getting stuck on the Wi-Fi setup screen is often caused by connection issues. The TV may have difficulty finding or connecting to your specific wireless network. Interference from other devices, a weak router signal, or incorrect network passwords entered into the TV could all prevent a successful connection. Trying a wired ethernet connection first or moving the TV/router closer together can help improve the connection.

Beyond network issues, software glitches may also cause a frozen setup screen. A simple reset of the TV can clear any bugs and get the initial setup back on track. With the right troubleshooting, you’ll be watching your favorite shows in no time.

Samsung TV Setup Stuck on Step 3

Samsung TV Setup Stuck on Step 3: Fixing Steps

If your Samsung TV gets stuck on the Wi-Fi setup page during initial configuration, try these troubleshooting tips:

Reset the TV

The simplest first step is performing a reset of the TV. Unplug the TV from power for 1 minute, then plug it back in and restart setup. Any software errors causing a glitch will be cleared with a reset.

Try a Wired Connection

Use an ethernet cable to connect your TV directly to your router or modem instead of Wi-Fi. This bypasses any wireless connection issues and ensures a solid network link. Complete setup using the wired connection if possible.

Forget then Re-Enter the Network

Go to the Wi-Fi setup page and select “Forget Network” to erase any saved network settings. Then search for and select your Wi-Fi network again, carefully entering the correct password when prompted.

Move the TV/Router Closer Together

If using wifi, make sure your TV and wireless router are within a close distance, ideally in the same room. A weak wireless signal from the router could prevent a stable connection. Moving them closer can improve the signal strength.

Check Router Settings

Ensure your router is broadcasting its wireless network name (SSID) and that security settings like MAC address filtering are not blocking the TV’s access. Refer to your router admin settings if needed.

Scan Networks

On the TV’s Wi-Fi setup page, run a scan to search for all available wireless networks in your area. Your network may not appear in the initial scan results.

Check for Interference

Nearby electronics like cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, etc can interfere with wifi signals. Turn off or move any potential sources of interference while setting up.

Update Software

Check online for any over-the-air software updates for your TV and install them if available. Updates sometimes include bug fixes for connection issues.

Factory Reset

If all else fails, reset your TV to factory default settings. This will erase all data and customization but can resolve persistent software issues. You’ll have to run the setup again from the beginning.

Contact Samsung Support

If needed, Samsung’s online and phone support teams can provide additional troubleshooting help. They may be able to diagnose issues with your specific model and firmware. Provide any error codes shown.

With consistent testing and patience, you should be able to get past the frustrating step 3 issue. Take notes on which troubleshooting steps work so you can walk through them again if the setup stalls. Getting that new Samsung powered on and optimized is worth the effort.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity Issues

Beyond problems connecting during initial setup, users may also experience intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity and internet issues with their Samsung TVs after everything is up and running:

  • Check your internet service – The first step is always to confirm that your external internet service is active and working normally. Contact your ISP if you notice service disruptions unrelated to the TV.
  • Restart router/modem – If your TV struggles to connect to wifi despite your internet being fine, try turning your router and modem off and back on. This reboots the connection and can fix temporary glitches.
  • Confirm TV operating software is up to date – Run any system updates on the TV to ensure bugs are not the culprit. Periodically check for new firmware updates.
  • Change router channel – There may be interference on your router’s current Wi-Fi channel from a neighbor’s network or other devices. Try switching to a different channel through your router admin console.
  • Replace router – If your router is several years old, its Wi-Fi radio may be outdated, leading to limited range or speeds. Upgrading to a modern router with strong signal strength can improve connectivity.
  • Turn off Energy Saving mode – Samsung’s default Energy Saving mode can cause intermittent disconnections. Turn this off in the TV’s settings.
  • Move TV/router closer – A weak Wi-Fi signal can lead to frequent buffering or dropouts. Position your Samsung TV within 15-25 feet of the wireless router if possible.
  • Disable other connections – Turn off any other devices not currently in use, especially those using wifi. Reducing demand on your network helps bandwidth for streaming to the TV.
  • Use a Wi-Fi analyzer – Download an app that analyzes wireless signals to observe network congestion, identify dead zones, and find the ideal channel for your router.
  • Add network extenders – If router proximity is an issue, add Wi-Fi extenders or mesh networking devices to amplify your existing network signal throughout the house.
  • Try powerline adapters – These devices use your home’s electrical wiring as a hardwired ethernet connection. Place adapters near your TV and router.
  • Connect the TV to ethernet – For consistent streaming, use an ethernet cable for a direct wired connection between your Samsung TV and home network when possible.

Following standard networking troubleshooting steps can typically resolve frustrating Wi-Fi connectivity problems with your smart TV. As a last resort, work with Samsung support for help analyzing any complex technical issues impacting your specific model.


Getting your fancy new Samsung TV operational can hit a snag if the setup process stalls on the Wi-Fi connection steps. With a stuck Samsung TV, you’re left with no choice but to dive into troubleshooting mode. Thankfully, you can follow several practical tips to get the initial configuration back on track.

First, reset your TV to factory settings and re-enter the network setup. If possible, try using a wired ethernet connection to your router to bypass any Wi-Fi issues. If you must use wireless, reposition your TV and router in close proximity and scan for networks to ensure your SSID is being detected. Check for firmware updates, interference sources, incorrectly entered passwords, and router settings as well.

Occasional Wi-Fi connectivity problems can also arise after setup is complete. Regular router reboots, operating system updates, switching router channels, and replacing old routers are good first steps. Analyzing your wireless network and making use of signal-boosting hardware like mesh networks or powerline adapters provides more permanent solutions as well.

Stuck on step 3 or continually losing wifi – whatever connectivity problem you experience with your Samsung TV, rest assured there are a variety of helpful fixes out there. If needed, approach the issue methodically and gather assistance from Samsung support teams. With the right troubleshooting approach, you’ll get your smart TV streaming content and connected to the internet in no time. Then you can finally relax and enjoy all your favorite apps and programs on the brilliant display.

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