How to Fix Samsung TV Setup Stuck on Step 3

Have issues getting your new Samsung TV operational? Getting stuck on step 3 during the initial setup process can be frustrating. This guide will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to get your TV powered on and ready to use.

The initial setup for Samsung TVs includes

  • Connecting it to your Wi-Fi network
  • Linking your Samsung account
  • Accepting terms and conditions, and more.

For some users, the TV gets stuck trying to connect to the wifi and won’t proceed any further. Don’t worry – with a few simple steps, you can bypass this roadblock and complete the setup.

Samsung TV Account Login Page

Quick Fix Summary

Issue Possible Cause Solution
TV stuck on (step 3) WiFi connection issue/ Glitch during linking Samsung account Restart setup, reconnect to WiFi
TV stuck on please wait Software bug/glitch Factory reset TV, reinstall firmware
TV powers on but gets stuck on Samsung logo screen Corrupt OS files Hardware reset unplugging power cable

Samsung TV Setup Stuck on Step 3: What to Do?

Power Reset TV

Power Cycle TV

The first thing to try is simply turning your Samsung TV off and back on. Rebooting the device will clear any software glitches or temporary bugs causing it to freeze on the app setup page.

  • Unplug the TV from the power outlet/surge protector.
  • Leave the TV disconnected for a minimum of 5 minutes. This clears any residual charge.
  • Plug the TV back in, connect any other devices, and press the power button as usual.

Hopefully, restarting clears up whatever made the TV unresponsive on step 3. If not, continue troubleshooting.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

WiFi Connection

As discussed before, connectivity problems are the main culprit behind a Samsung TV stuck on step 3. After a reboot, go through these Wi-Fi checks:

  • On your smartphone or laptop, ensure you have at least 2-3 bars of Wi-Fi signal strength where the TV is located. If not, move the router closer.
  • Ensure your internet speeds are at least 15-20 Mbps download and 5-10 Mbps upload. Run a speed test if unsure.
  • Verify that the password entered into the TV is correct during the Wi-Fi setup. Crosscheck it against the password for the network on your phone or router admin interface.
  • Try both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands individually for dual-band routers to see if one works better.
  • Reset your home router and modem if Wi-Fi issues persist across multiple devices beyond just the TV.
  • After any changes, attempt the initial configuration again on your Samsung TV to see if the Wi-Fi is now connecting successfully.

Check for Firmware Updates

If your TV is not connected to the internet, you can update it by using a USB drive. Follow these steps:

  • Insert a USB drive into your computer that has an internet connection.
  • On the computer, search online for the latest software update file for your specific Samsung TV model. Download the updated file and save it to the inserted USB drive.
  • Once the download is complete, safely eject and remove the USB drive from your computer.
  • Turn on your Samsung TV and insert the USB drive into one of the USB ports on the TV.
  • Press the Menu button using your Samsung TV remote and navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update.
  • Select Update Now. The TV will detect the software update file on the inserted USB and prompt you to install it.
  • Select Yes to install the downloaded software update from the USB drive.
  • Wait for the update process to complete. The TV will automatically restart once the new software has been fully installed.
  • After restarting, remove the USB drive. Your Samsung TV is now updated!

Perform Force Reboot

Samsung TV Remote

  • With your TV powered on, press and hold the power button on your Samsung remote control.
  • Keep holding the power button down- your TV screen will turn off but do not release the button yet.
  • Continue holding the power button down for 20-30 seconds. This will force your Samsung smart TV to reboot.
  • You can release the power button once you see the Samsung logo reappear on the screen.
  • Your TV will finish the reboot process and power back on. Wait for the reboot to complete fully.
  • After the forced reboot, you should now be able to proceed past step 3 of the initial setup prompt on your Samsung smart TV. Follow any additional setup instructions shown on the screen.

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Step 3 Lockup

  • Connect the TV to broadband high-speed internet via ethernet cable during initial setup, if possible, for a more reliable Wifi connection.
  • Clear app cache/data before factory reset. Go to Settings > Apps > Choose app > Storage > Clear Cache/Data.
  • Disable IPv6 if your router doesn’t support it. Having IPv6 enabled can cause connectivity issues.
  • Update router firmware for compatibility with newer TVs.


Q: Why is my Samsung TV stuck with the “please wait” loading screen?

A: This usually occurs because of a poor internet connection, outdated software/firmware causing compatibility issues, faulty hardware, or trying to restore incorrect backup settings.

Q: Can I skip any steps when setting up my smart TV?

A: No, you should complete all setup steps properly in sequential order. Skipping ahead may cause configuration problems that prevent your TV from functioning correctly.

Q: My Samsung TV won’t turn on at all – what should I do?

A: If your TV will not power on whatsoever, there is likely an underlying hardware problem. Try unplugging the TV’s power cord for 2+ minutes before plugging back in. If the TV still doesn’t turn on, you most likely need professional TV repair or replacement.


Samsung TVs getting stuck on the infamous “step 3, please wait” screen is usually due to software conflicts or connectivity issues rather than defective hardware. So don’t panic! You can usually get your fancy new TV up and running with simple restarts and resets. Following the step-by-step troubleshooting guide outlined above will help you quickly determine what is causing the setup failure and how to fix your Samsung TV. Pay special attention to WiFi connection strength and firmware updates to prevent future setup lockups going forward.

My Take on This Topic

As a long-time Television expert, I run into my fair share of setup and functionality issues. Over the years, I’ve learned that, more often than not, software conflicts, connectivity problems, or user errors are the culprits behind TV malfunctions. Hardware failures happen occasionally, but Samsung produces high-quality and reliable products.

The key is not to get frustrated when encountering setup glitches or freeze-ups. Carefully and systematically following troubleshooting steps will solve 95% of problems. Stuck on Step 3? Restart, update, and reset in the proper order. And be patient! I always recommend checking firmware versions first when troubleshooting. Keeping your Samsung TV’s software up-to-date is essential for avoiding bugs and ensuring seamless performance.

I also advise connecting via ethernet cable whenever possible for stable internet during critical download/configuration procedures like initial setup. And don’t rule out user error either – re-check WiFi passwords! Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung customer support if you can’t resolve Step 3 lockup after exhausting all DIY troubleshooting options. Their technicians can often optimize or repair issues via remote access.

So rest assured, a Samsung TV refusing to budge past Step 3 is frustrating but highly solvable. With some dedicated effort following key troubleshooting best practices, you’ll likely have your awesome new TV operating flawlessly in no time!

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