LG TV Apps Not Working: How to Fix?

LG smart TVs come with various pre-installed apps to access popular streaming services, games, and other online content directly through your TV. However, sometimes, these LG TV apps stop working properly. It can be frustrating when an LG TV app won’t open, crashes unexpectedly, won’t play content, or has other issues. But you can try several troubleshooting steps to get your LG TV apps back up and running.

Why Are My LG TV Apps Not Working?

There are a few common reasons why apps on your LG smart TV may stop functioning correctly:

Internet Connectivity Issues: Apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and others require an internet connection to stream content. If your WiFi or ethernet connection is slow or experiences interruptions, it can prevent proper loading and streaming of app content.

Software Bugs: Sometimes, bugs or glitches in the app software or the LG TV operating system itself after a system update can cause apps to freeze, crash, or function improperly.

Insufficient Storage Space: If your LG TV starts running out of storage capacity, it can prevent apps from running correctly and cause lagging, freezing, or crashes.

Wrong Region Settings: Region settings that don’t match the app service or content you’re trying to access can create functionality problems.

Outdated Apps: If you haven’t updated an app to the latest version, you may experience compatibility issues or problems running older app versions.


How To Troubleshoot and Fix LG TV App Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with apps on your LG TV, don’t panic. Here are 10 troubleshooting tips to help identify the cause and get your apps back to working order:

Step 1: Check the App Status Page

The first step in troubleshooting is to check the App Status page on your LG smart TV. This page displays the current status of all installed apps and can indicate if an app is having issues.

To view the App Status page, access the TV settings menu and select “General > About This TV > App Status.” This will display a list of all apps with notes on their status, such as “Working normally” or “Not working.”

If any apps show error messages on this page, note that you may need to reinstall or update them. This page can provide insight into why certain apps aren’t working.

Step 2: Reboot Your LG Smart TV

Rebooting your smart TV is one of the simplest ways to fix minor software glitches that could prevent apps from working. Rebooting clears temporary data/cache that could be causing conflicts and restarts all apps and services.

To reboot, press and hold the power button on your LG TV or remote control until you see the reboot options appear. Select “Restart” or “Reboot” to restart your LG smart TV.

After rebooting, try opening the problematic apps again. A simple reboot can often resolve app freezing, crashing, or loading issues.

wifi connetion lg tv

Step 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Most LG TV apps require a high-speed internet connection to stream content and function properly. If apps like Netflix or Hulu aren’t working, internet connectivity issues could be the culprit.

Verify that your LG TV is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Check for a “Connected” or “Internet Connected” status icon from the home screen. Go to Settings > Network and view the connection details to confirm the Wi-Fi status.

If you see an error or your TV is disconnected, select your Wi-Fi network and re-enter the password if prompted. This will reconnect your smart TV. Also, try rebooting your wireless router if connection issues persist.

Step 4: Check for App and Software Updates

App developers and LG regularly release software updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new smart TV features. If apps are having issues, ensuring your LG TV is updated can resolve problems.

Go to Settings > General > About This TV > CHECK FOR UPDATES to check for updates. Follow the on-screen prompts to check for and install any available software updates.

Go to the LG Content Store from the home screen for individual app updates. Navigate to the My Apps tab to manually update any apps that have new versions available.

Install all updates and then reopen troubled apps to see if the issues persist. Updates often add fixes and optimizations to improve app functionality.

software update lg tv

Step 5: Force Stop Conflicting Apps

Sometimes, apps can conflict with each other and cause instability or prevent other apps from running properly. Apps running simultaneously can occasionally lead to issues with an app not working.

Try isolating the problematic app by pressing the Home button to reach the LG home screen. Open the Settings menu, select “Apps,” and choose the misbehaving app. Select “Force Stop” to close out of that application.

Then try launching the app that wasn’t working again to see if forcing other apps closed resolved the issue. This terminates background processes that could be interfering with app functionality.

Step 6: Clear App Cache and Data

Over time, temporary app files, cached data, and cookies can build up and start to conflict with LG smart TV apps. Clearing this data can wipe out corrupt files or conflicts that are disrupting services.

To clear an app’s cache/data, go to Settings > General > Storage and select “Cached Data” or “Cached app data” to view which apps have temporary data built up. Choose problematic apps, select “Clear Cache” and then confirm to wipe this data.

For a deeper clean, access the same app info page as mentioned in Step 5. Select “Clear data” to erase all temporary files, settings, and login details associated with that app. Reinstalling the app afterward can fully refresh all data.

After clearing cache/data, check if previously unusable apps now work as expected. Removing unstable temporary data often resolves odd app behaviors.

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Step 7: Uninstall and Reinstall Faulty Apps

If you’re still facing issues with certain LG smart TV apps after following the above steps, uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic apps can fix lingering software faults.

To uninstall apps, access the app info page from the Settings menu, as explained in Step 5. Choose the app that is not working, select “Uninstall,” and confirm to remove the application and all associated data.

After uninstalling the troubled app, open the LG Content Store, search for the app again, select “Install,” and walk through the installation steps. This will freshly reinstall the app and overwrite any corrupt files.

With the app reinstalled, open it to see if previous crashing or loading problems have been resolved. A fresh install pulls clean code and data so apps can function normally again after errors.

Factory Reset of LG TV

Step 8: Reset Your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings

If you’re still experiencing widespread app functionality issues after trying the above troubleshooting, a factory reset on your LG smart TV can restore all software to a clean working state.

Resetting removes ALL data – apps, accounts, preferences. So first, backup TV settings and passwords. Then go to Settings > General > Reset to Self Initializing (Factory Reset) and choose to reset your TV. Confirm and wait for your TV to reboot.

When the initial setup wizard appears, reconnect to Wi-Fi and reinstall your desired apps. Factory resetting can wipe out underlying software gremlins that are inhibiting apps from running properly, so they now work after being reinstalled.

Step 9: Confirm the Correct Region Settings

Streaming app services often have region-locking restrictions. It can block access if you’re using a VPN or LG TV settings meant for a different geographical area than your actual location. Make sure your Location setting matches where you’re physically located.

Step 10: Power Cycle Your Modem and Router

For connectivity-related app issues, power cycle your modem and any networking equipment like routers or range extenders. Unplug them from power for 60 seconds, then plug them back in and wait for a full reboot. This may resolve any network conflicts interfering with apps.

LG TV App Troubleshooting FAQs

To supplement the main troubleshooting guide, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about resolving LG smart TV app issues:

Why do my LG TV apps keep crashing?

Apps crashing can be caused by corrupt data/cache, outdated software, connectivity issues, insufficient storage, or conflicting apps/processes. Try steps 2 through 7 to resolve the root cause. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the problematic app after resetting and updating your TV is the most comprehensive fix.

Why does my LG TV say there is no internet connection?

If apps that require internet cannot load content and your TV displays connection issues, check router connections, reboot devices, reconnect to Wi-Fi, and investigate network issues to restore connectivity. Apps can’t stream properly without stable high-speed internet access.

Why can’t I remove some pre-installed apps on my LG TV?

LG smart TVs come with various built-in apps that support core functionality. These system apps can’t be uninstalled normally, but you can usually disable them by selecting the “Disable” option, which stops the app from running/updating without fully deleting it. This avoids issues that can occur if required services are removed.

How do I resolve app storage errors on my LG TV?

If you see alerts that your LG TV is running low on app storage, go to settings and delete unused apps, clear app cache/data, and remove any downloaded videos/music files you no longer need. Expand storage by connecting an external USB drive. Lastly, you can factory reset to wipe all content and start fresh. This clears all storage used by apps and data.

Correctly troubleshooting and reinstalling failing LG TV apps resolves most software issues preventing access to entertainment streaming platforms and smart functionality. Contact LG Support if problems continue after exhausting these app troubleshooting steps. You’ll enjoy seamless content viewing on your LG Television with the right fixes.

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