LG TV Pink Screen of Death: How To Fix?

Seeing a pink screen when you turn on your LG TV can be frustrating. This issue is typically caused by a hardware or software malfunction. Fortunately, you can try a few things on your own to resolve the pink screen before calling for service.

What Causes the LG TV Pink Screen?

There are a few potential root causes of the pink screen problem on LG TVs:

Cause Description
Faulty T-CON Board The T-CON board controls signal transmission between the panel and processors. Defects can cause a pink screen.
Bad Connection Loose cable connections between components may lead to handshake issues, resulting in a pink screen.
Outdated Firmware Old firmware can cause glitches, such as the pink screen; updating firmware is essential.
Damaged Panel Physical damage to the panel can result in color issues or pixel problems, constituting a hardware issue.

How to Get Rid of Pink Tint on LG TV Screen?

Before anything, it’s important to note the specific model of your LG TV before troubleshooting. The fixes may vary slightly depending on whether it’s an OLED, NanoCell, or UHD model.

Power Cycle the TV

Power Cycle TV

If a basic reset did not fix the issue, try a more advanced soft power reset:

  • Turn off the TV by unplugging the TV power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Hold down the power button on the LG TV for 10 seconds.
  • Keep holding the power button down while you reconnect the power cord.
  • Release the power button, then push it again normally to turn on the TV after reboot.

This forces a realignment of internal hardware that often resolves pink screens. Allow a minute or two after releasing the button before hitting power again.

Check External Connections

HDMI Output

Another quick troubleshooting step is to check connections of external devices. If you notice the pink screen appears after connecting a certain device, like a DVD player, game console, soundbar, or Blu-ray player, the issue may lie with that device’s cabling.

Try swapping HDMI cables or using different ports between the LG TV and external devices. Faulty HDMI ports or cables can allow enough signal to show a display but with problems like a pink overlay. If the pink disappears after disconnecting a particular device, it points to wiring issues.

Try LG TV Picture Mode Change

LG TV Picture Mode

You can also attempt changing Picture Mode as a quick fix instead of a full reset.

  • Navigate to Picture Mode under the Settings menu and try a different preset like Cinema or Sports instead of Standard or Vivid.
  • See if the vivid pink changes or resolves based on picture mode.
  • This adjusts color, contrast, and backlighting as a fresh start. Toggle through all the available modes, then revert back to your preferred setting after this test.

Update LG TV Software and Firmware

software upgrade of lg tv

  • Next, check if your LG TV needs a system software update. Keeping the TV firmware updated prevents bugs and optimizes performance.
  • On the remote, press Settings, then the General icon again, and select About This TV. Here, you can choose Software Update to allow the TV to check for the newest firmware releases from LG to install.
  • Follow the prompts to complete an update. This can update HDMI handshake protocols and color rendering that may fix a persistent pink screen.

Factory Reset

factory reset of lg tv

If you’ve tried the above steps without change, perform a Factory Reset. This achieves a clean slate, like your TV was brand new. Backup settings before doing this advanced reset:

  • From the General menu, choose Reset to Initial Settings
  • Select Factory Reset instead of Standard Reset when prompted.
  • Enter PIN if needed, then choose OK to confirm factory reset.
  • TV will reboot itself back to its original out-of-box state with everything erased.

Set up the LG TV again from scratch, including re-linking apps and inputs. This measure should clear any corrupted data causing the pink screen in most cases.

LG OLED TV Pixel Refresher for Pink Vertical Lines

Pixel Cleaning LG TV

For problematic vertical pink lines, you can try the built-in Pixel Refresher function on an OLED TV panel. This cleans up pixel irregularities that accumulate over long-term usage:

  • Go to the Support menu, then select the OLED Panel Settings option.
  • Choose Pixel Refresher and let it fully complete several cycles.
  • Return to the Home screen and check for changes to the vertical pink line display.

Repeat pixel refresh if lines still appear but are fading. Completely removing lines may require professional repair. But refresher can lessen symptoms in the meantime.

LG TV Rear Panel Connector Inspection

LG TV Ribbon Cables

  • In tricky cases, examine the physical connectors at the rear of the LG TV. Wiggling cables can reveal a bad HDMI input or loose ribbon cables that need reseating.
  • Check for any obviously damaged ports or connectors that correspond to problem devices. Reset both sides of all detachable cables, too.
  • Use a bright flashlight to inspect the tightness of rear panel ribbon connectors between board components, looking for gaps. Loose fittings anywhere can change signals enough to cause pink screens.

Call Experienced TV Repair Technicians

T CON Board lg tv

If you’ve tried all home fixes to no avail, then professional TV technicians have specialized tools to diagnose the root of your LG pink screen issue correctly. A detailed inspection can pinpoint whether you need:

  • Replacement of T-CON board due to electronic failure
  • Repair of dangling HDMI or power inputs
  • Soldering fixes to reconnect lifted video traces
  • Removal of stuck pixels or panel sealing for moisture damage


Recurring pink screens certainly make an LG TV frustrating to enjoy properly. But calmly trying reset sequences combined with the right diagnostic questions will lead to one of these common fixes. Keep the model details handy, and don’t hesitate to phone an authorized repair expert for prompt pink screen relief. With persistence and patience, your quality LG television viewing will be restored.

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