How to See the Current Video Resolution on Samsung TV?

With the evolution of television technology, the visual experience has become increasingly immersive, offering viewers stunning clarity and detail. However, sometimes you may want to know the current video resolution being displayed on your Samsung TV, whether for troubleshooting purposes or simply out of curiosity. In this guide, we’ll explore two simple methods to check the video resolution on your Samsung TV, ensuring you’re always aware of the quality of your viewing experience.

Check and Change Video Resolution of Samsung Smart TV

Using the Info Button

One of the quickest ways to check the current video resolution on your Samsung TV is by using the Info button on your remote control. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Info Button: Take your Samsung TV remote control and identify the “Info” button. It’s usually labeled as “Info” or “Display” and is often located near the navigation buttons.
  2. Press the Info Button: While watching content on your Samsung TV, press the Info button on your remote. This action will display an information overlay on the screen, showing various details about the viewed content.
  3. View the Video Resolution: Look for the section in the information overlay that indicates the video resolution. It will typically be listed as “Resolution” or “Video Resolution,” followed by the current resolution format, such as “1080p” or “4K.”
  4. Exit the Info Display: Once you’ve noted the video resolution, you can exit the information display by pressing the “Exit” or “Back” button on your remote.

Through Secret Menu

If you can’t see the resolution through the info button, don’t worry. You will definitely see and change the resolution following the steps discussed below.

To Acces the Secret Menu,

  • Press Mute>1>8>2>Power Button. After that, the Secret Menu will automatically pop up on your screen.

If this combination does not work, then Turn off your TV first.

  • Once your TV is off, Press Mute>1>8>2>Power Button. Once your TV is on, you will get this screen.

Samsung TV Resolution Secret Menu

  • Press ok on the highlight Option.
  • Click on the MRT Option

Samsung TV Resolution Secret Menu.

  • Now go to the Resolution and change it as your TV supports (HD, FHD, UHD, 8K)

Samsung TV Resolution Secret Menu

  • Turn off the TV and turn it back on. Your resolution has been changed now.

Helpful Tips

  • If you cannot find the Info button on your Samsung TV remote, refer to the user manual or online resources for your specific TV model.
  • Some Samsung TV models may display the video resolution information differently, so explore your TV’s menu options if you encounter any discrepancies.
  • Keep in mind that the video resolution may vary depending on the source content and the capabilities of your TV. For example, streaming services and external devices may output content at different resolutions.
  • Regularly checking the video resolution can help ensure you get the best possible picture quality from your Samsung TV.


Q: Can I change the video resolution on my Samsung TV through the Settings Menu?

A: Samsung TVs do not allow you to adjust the video resolution through the Picture Settings menu. However, the available resolution options may depend on the capabilities of your TV and the source content.

Q: Why is knowing the video resolution important?

A: Knowing the video resolution can help you understand the quality of the content you’re watching and troubleshoot any issues related to picture clarity or compatibility with your TV.

Q: What should I do if the displayed resolution doesn’t match the expected quality?

A: If you’re experiencing issues with the displayed resolution, ensure that your TV is properly connected to the source device and that the content being played is compatible with your TV’s resolution capabilities. You may also try adjusting the picture settings or consulting the TV’s user manual for further guidance.


Checking the current video resolution on your Samsung TV is a useful skill that allows you to ensure optimal picture quality and troubleshoot any potential issues. Whether you prefer a quick glance using the Info button or a more detailed view through the Settings menu, these methods provide easy access to important video resolution information. By familiarizing yourself with these techniques, you can enhance your viewing experience and make the most of your Samsung TV.

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