Hisense TV Black Screen of Death: How to Fix?

Hisense smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordable pricing and impressive features. However, some Hisense smart TV owners encounter issues like a black screen when turning on their TVs. A black screen indicates the TV is powered on but not displaying anything. This frustrating issue can occur due to various reasons. Below is a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help Hisense smart TV owners fix the black screen problem.

Hisense TV Flashing Black Screen: What to Do?

Following systematic troubleshooting steps can help resolve the black screen problem:

Check the TV Power Connection

Hisense TV Reset Button

The TV’s power connection is the first thing to check with a black screen issue. Make sure the TV is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Confirm the outlet works by plugging in another device, like a lamp.

Also, check that the power cable is firmly plugged into the TV. Unplug it and plug it back in to ensure a tight connection. Try using a different power cable to rule out a faulty cable if one is available.

Check for Standby Mode

Hisense TV Remote

Some Hisense smart TVs will show a black screen when switched into standby mode. Check your remote and TV buttons to see if you can bring the TV out of standby. Press the remote’s power, home, input, or other buttons to wake the TV up.

Also, check the LED light on the TV. It may glow faintly if the TV is in standby mode. If the light is off, it usually means the TV is fully powered off.

Check for No Signal

HDMI Output

A black screen can also mean there is no input signal to the TV. Be sure the correct input source is selected on the TV, like HDMI, antenna, or streaming box. You may have the wrong input button pressed on the remote.

Try connecting another device to the TV, like a games console or streaming stick. If you see their interface, it points to an issue with the original input device.

Also, try using different HDMI ports on the TV if possible and swap out HDMI cables. This can determine if an HDMI port or cable has failed.

Perform a Power Cycle


A simple power cycle can often resolve temporary glitches causing the black screen:

  • Unplug the TV power cable and disconnect any other cables.
  • Leave unplugged for 2 minutes. This clears any residual power left in the circuits.
  • Plug the TV power cable back in and turn the TV on.

The TV should display the picture again after turning it on. Allow a few minutes for the TV to start up after a power cycle.

Install Latest Software Update

Hisense TV System Update

Hisense periodically provides software updates for their smart TVs. An outdated or buggy firmware version could potentially cause the black screen problem.

Go to Settings > About > System Update and install the latest TV software update. This will upgrade the firmware and can potentially fix software bugs causing display issues.

Factory Reset the TV

Hisense TV Factory Reset

If nothing else has worked, perform a factory reset to restore the TV software. This resets all settings, so the issue should be fixed after the reset, although you’ll need to set up your channels and preferences again.

  • Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Factory Data Reset
  • This will reset the TV to factory default settings. The black screen issue should be fixed, but you may need to set up the TV channels and preferences again.

Some models have a reset button on the back of the TV. Locate a small button labeled ‘Reset’ on the rear port panel. Press and hold this for 10-15 seconds until the TV turns off. Then, power the TV on to complete the hard reset.

Contact Hisense Support

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps and are still facing the Hisense black screen, contacting their support team is best. You can contact their technical team by submitting an online request on the Hisense website for further assistance.

Provide the TV model number, purchase date, and details of the issue being experienced. Hisense should be able to provide tailored troubleshooting or a repair solution for the black screen problem on your specific TV model.

TV Main Board Failure

If the above steps don’t work, the internal main board on the TV may have failed. This is one of the most common reasons for the

Hsense TV power Board

e black screen issue with Hisense TVs.

The main board controls critical functions like display output and processing video signals. Faults like shorted circuits can develop on the main board and shut off the display.

In this case, the main board must be repaired or replaced to fix the Hisense black screen problem permanently. Contact their support to help determine if the main board has failed on your particular TV model.

Backlight or LED Strip Failure


Modern LCD and LED TVs use LED backlighting or edge lighting to illuminate the screen. Faulty LED strips or a failed backlight can also cause the TV display to go black.

When the backlight or LED strips burn out or malfunction, the picture will not be visible even if the TV is powered on. You may notice faint images in a very dark room.

If the backlighting components have failed, they would need to be replaced. This repair requires disassembling the TV casing and is best done by a TV technician or repair company.

Loose Ribbon Cable Connection

ribbon cables of hisense tv board

Ribbon cables connect the LCD panel to the main board inside the TV. These ribbon cables can sometimes come loose from their connectors.

If a ribbon cable is disconnected, it interrupts the video signal to the display panel, resulting in a black screen.

A repair technician can fix this by accessing the TVs inside and reseating the loose ribbon cables. It requires the disassembly of the chassis to reach the ribbon cables.

T-Con Board Failure

The T-Con (timing controller) board provides essential signals like clock timings to run the LCD panel. A fault with the T-Con can interrupt output to the display.

If the TV backlights illuminate without a picture, it can indicate a bad T-Con board. Like the main board, the T-Con would need professional repair or replacement to resolve the black screen.


That covers the main reasons and solutions for a Hisense TV showing a black screen. Start with simpler steps like a power cycle, checking connections, TV reset, and software updates. If the issue persists, larger component failures may need repair by a TV technician. Contact Hisense to help accurately diagnose and resolve stubborn black screen problems, especially once the TV is out of warranty.

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