How to Fix Hisense TV Storage Space Running Out

Hisense TVs are great options for affordable smart TVs. However, a common issue that Hisense TV owners face is running out of storage space. With apps, games, photos, videos, and software updates, the built-in storage can quickly fill up. If you find your Hisense TV storage space is full or nearly full, there are several ways to free up storage on your TV.

Storage Space Running Out on Hisense TV: What to Do?

Check Storage Usage

Check Storage Usage HisenseTV

The first step is to check how much storage is being used on your Hisense TV. To do this:

  • Go to the Home screen on your Hisense TV.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Go to the Device Preferences menu.
  • Select Storage.

This will show you how much total storage is available and how much is currently being used by apps, photos, videos, etc. Make a note of how much free space you have. If it’s under 500MB, you likely need to clear some storage.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Uninstall Unused Apps Hisense tv

One of the easiest ways to free up Hisense TV storage is to uninstall apps you no longer use. To do this:

  • Go to the Home screen on your Hisense TV.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Go to Apps.
  • This will display all installed apps on your TV. Browse the list and select any apps you no longer need.
  • Choose Uninstall for each app you want to remove.

Deleting unused apps can quickly free up much storage space on your Hisense TV.

Delete Photos and Videos

Hisenese My Apps

Photos and videos can take up a lot of storage space on smart TVs. If you have photos or videos saved on your Hisense TV that you no longer need, deleting them is an easy way to free up storage.

To delete photos and videos:

  • From the Home screen, select the Media Player app.
  • Select the Photos & Videos tab.
  • Browse through your photos and videos and select any you want to delete.
  • Press the right direction button on your remote for the delete option.
  • Confirm that you want to delete each selected photo or video.

Going through this process periodically can free up plenty of storage that photos and videos are using.

Clear Cache and Data from Apps

Clear cache hisense vidaa tv

Apps on your Hisense TV can store cache and data files that build up over time, taking up valuable storage. Clearing the cache and data from apps you use often can free up storage.

To clear cache/data from apps:

  • Go to the Home screen on your TV.
  • Select Settings and then go to Apps.
  • Select each app and choose Clear Cache and/or Clear Data options.
  • Confirm that you want to clear the selected cache/data.

Make sure to clear only cache/data from apps you use frequently, likely storing many temporary files. This forces the apps to start fresh and stops old files from filling up space.

Move Apps to External Storage

Move Apps to External Storage Hisense tv

If you have an external USB drive connected to your Hisense TV, you can move apps over to the external storage to free up internal storage.

To move apps:

  • From the Home screen, go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Choose the app you want to move.
  • Select Storage used.
  • Choose Change storage used.
  • Select your external storage device.
  • Confirm moving the app.

Any apps that are moved to external storage will still function normally but will free up internal storage on your TV.

Turn Off Automatic Software Updates

Turn Off Automatic Software Updates Hisense tv

Hisense TVs automatically download and install software updates periodically. This can gradually use up storage space. You can turn off automatic updates and instead check manually for updates only when you want.

To turn off auto updates:

  • From the Home screen, select Settings.
  • Go to About.
  • Select System Update.
  • Turn off the Auto Update option.

With auto updates disabled, your TV will no longer automatically use storage space to download and install updates. Just remember to check for updates on your own periodically.

Factory Reset Your TV

Hisense TV Factory Reset

If you’ve tried everything else and your Hisense TV storage is still full, you can perform a factory reset. This will completely wipe your TV’s storage and restore it to factory settings.

To factory reset:

  • From the Home screen, select Settings.
  • Go to Device Preferences.
  • Select Reset.
  • Choose Factory Data Reset.
  • Confirm that you want to reset your TV.

Factory resetting your Hisense TV will remove all your data, apps, photos, videos, and accounts. Be sure to back up anything important first. Resetting your TV storage is a last resort but can fix storage issues.


By following these tips, you should be able to free up a lot of storage space on your Hisense TV. Be sure to regularly check your storage usage and take steps to delete unused apps, photos, videos, and clear cache/data. With enough free space, your Hisense TV will perform at its best.

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